Ninja character

KI may have Jago, but he’s a monk, not a ninja.

What if there’s a way to make its move a bit like Yoshimitsu’s? Cinder’s got some “Scorpion” in him.

They got ninjas on…

  • Mortal Kombat ninjas
  • Street Fighter: Guy & Ibuki
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • TMNT - the turtles & the Shredder
  • GI Joe’s Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow

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Why does everyone keep ignoring Omen :unamused:

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need more of an Ultra Mech Ninja

LOL !!! You gotta be joking don’t you?

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Jago may not be a ninja specifically, but I think his visual design is close enough to it that we don’t need a second, similar character.

Jago definitely is not a ninja in this game. He was a ninja on the old game. It would be cool to have a ninja or a samurai in the game. I remember playing this game a lot.

How about a ninja character that looks nothing like a ninja?

We got Yoshimitsu. So why not something like that?

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We need a Ninja Ostrich. It would go well with the monster mash KI has! :slight_smile:


So, Jago, who we already have. This circular logic makes no sense.

While I know Jago is is a monk to some people, to me he is stil a ninja in some form. Though if this ninja character you propose will play uniqely from Jago and won’t have a sword (cause all ninjas in every other fighting game I have seen uses one) then I can’t see the harm in it.

Jago was suppose to be the Ninja but he doesn’t have that ninja vibe.

Making a ninja when we already have Jago just seems so redundant.
This is like asking for an Egyptian mummy because Kan-Ra is Babylonian, so he doesn’t count as a mummy.
The distinction is ridiculously narrow.
Jago has ‘Fighting Ninja’ written all over him. Monk status notwithstanding.

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Well if you think about it (in terms of moves, agility, masks, weapons), a lot of characters in KI count as ninjas: Jago, Sadira, Orchid, Shadow Jago, Maya, Hisako and Cinder (perhaps even Fulgore and Omen). So we really don’t need more of those however, I’m down for more masked characters though. :mask:

After having thoughts for a ninja character, I believe a kunoichi with psychic powers can somehow fit in.

Take a look here.

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I still think an Ninja Ostrich should take the spot for a ninja character. I mean, look at this potential danger!

^That’s literally how to survive an Ostrich attack apparently. LOL


You’re just jealous that my namesake’s been in KI from the start, and a lot of games, in fact.

LOL Sure. I can see that.