Nightwing Movie confirmed!


Okay, I’m calm now… I’m calm…


Okay! Okay… deep breaths…

So yeah, they freaking confirmed a Nightwing movie! :smiley:
Since he is my favourite DCU character of all time, I am very excited about this… if that wasn’t obvious! XD

And hopefully this means he will at least be a DLC in Injustice 2, since the games have been good at promoting characters in upcoming movies or even TV-shows!


animated or live action?

Live action!

This is amazing incubus

Can’t wait to see this!
I’m so in- makes me want to fire up Arkham City

I’m really hoping he’s in as DLC as well.

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i was excited until you said live action. there havent been any modern dc robin movies(much less any good robin) and now they are making a nightwing one?

dc havent been impressing me with their live action movies lately and now im cautious about this amazing idea they have in their hands

I couldn’t care less about Robin, and I am SO happy they are skipping that and go directly to Nightwing! Though I’m sure we will get some flashback stuff showing him as Robin.

i definitely like nightwing more than robin but i feel like you cant take the robin out of the nightwing.

one of my favorite nightwing moments is from young justice when after everything robin went through and his growth into nightwing after some heavy events he tells black canary that despite his relationship with batman the one thing he fears the most is becoming batman. Not just wearing the famed cloak and cowl but BECOMING batman. the lifestyle he lives and his unwavering commitment to the mission at hand, even if it means sacrificing all of his friends as pawns on a chess board to save the world batman would do it without a pause. nightwing didnt want to turn into someone who could do that…

the impact that statement had wouldn’t be as deep if the show had not shown nightwing as robin in the first few seasons as he risked his life for what seemed like every day (risking your life is one thing, sacrificing your friends with orders you yourself made is another). i think it would be a shame to just skip over robin and head straight to nightwing because nightwing is a direct result of robins decisions, actions and personality and it would…idk lesson how deep and impactful they can take the story if they go with just nightwing.

like…idk making a movie with the first interaction with batman and superman on live screen and killing superman in the same movie -_- imagine how impactful superman’s death would have been if they waited a couple of movies and killed superman when batman and superman were best bros sipping coffee at a cafe lol

I’m just SO tired of Origins movies. It just feels like a tedious necessity, something we have to pull through before getting to the REAL action, the GOOD story… Most Origins stories are just so prolonging and boring, imo.

So I’m really glad they are doing this.


I need to sit. Never thought one of my favorite characters would get his own movie…


that is certainly true. its why im curious about the spiderman movie. its not so much a origin story since it not a retelling of dude gets bitten by spider get powers but instead its spider man getting tutelage from iron man going from a small time hero to a potential superhero

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Looking forward to that as well. ^^

About time this happens

I can just tell I’m gonna be that guy that criticizes everything they get wrong about Nightwing if they do get something wrong. Gonna be throwing popcorn :popcorn:

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Be open-minded. You know how film adaptations never get the characters or the story 100% as it is written in the original media. So no, I don’t expect them to make this perfect! But I’m still gonna enjoy it for what it is.

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I know, I’m sure I will enjoy it.

But It’s gonna be hard to fight that urge, ya know? It’s hard for us comic book nerds lol

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And here i thought the Lego batman movie nightwing was the closest we’d get to ever seeing nightwing in a movie.

You should watch the animated movies, even the ones where he got the crazy hair.

Which’s animated movie? lol

The Batman ones. Alot of them is on Netflix. ^^

Neato and very cool. Great and awesome entertainment/pop culture-related news and info too :slight_smile: :grin: