Nigerian Killer Instinct War General teaches Phil Spencer how to disrupt & Take over Sony Lead

Its the Nigerian Killer Instinct War General. Today you gon need the patience of a Lamb to hear me out

I know everyone is very mad at Xbox at the moment, But if u are really a Hard core Xbox Gamer this is not the time to get mad at Xbox. We bots do not give up and we do not fold.
This is the time to get ready for WAR in a highly strategic Manner.

Phil Spencer needs to focus on Killer instinct the greatest xbox Franchise and stop focusing on Halo, Redfall, Starfield and all the generic FPS / Adventure games that currently rule the gaming air waves.

ABK deals success will not save xbox. Gamepass will not save Xbox ,Redfall & starfield will not save xbox, Halo Forza & Gears will all not save xbox.
Hear me out, Only KI will save XBOX. But with a catch, with A Disruption strategy and a reputation change right on the Opponents’/ Competitor’s Territory !

Follow my Disruption Strategy
Xbox u have to be willing to put Killer instinct on Playstation 5 and make it play the best. Once Killer Instinct plays best on PS5.
150 Million sony gamers will be forced to develop interest in this Great Xbox Disruption Game. Suddenly they will start developing loyalty beyond
Mortal kombat and Street fighter fans have built over multiple decades . Now. This is how The Killer Instinct XBOX disruption will truly begin

Killer instinct pricing on PS5 & XBox.
Xbox Leadership must not release Killer Instinct for free on PS5 & Xbox, People must pay for services rendered to appreciate a great game.
This is how u will build respect for your Disruption Game Killer Instinct. Remember the new Killer instinct must not be exclusive to XBOX this time around,
If the new KI is exclusive to xbox , Sony fans will not come over to xbox, they will simply play SF6, MK12 and Tekken 8 on sony consoles, Yes they are that Loyal,
What Xbox needs to do is to put Killer instinct in the same environment and proximity with the Big 3 SF6, MK12 and Tekken 8 right there on sony consoles
Once Killer instinct is on PS5, now 150 Million sony gamers will be a button click away from discovering this new great xbox Fighter that is disrupting SF6 MK12 & T8
But wait for it.

The Great Xbox Disruption strategy continues
Once sony gamers discover how good KI is. They will start marketing it by themselves to their sony friends,
This is how KI will disrupt the sony market and take over as the best game on PS5 while xbox will start entering into a new phase of being the new Console space leader.
All PC & Steam gamers will also start looking at the Disruption game that is taking over everywhere. This is how Xbox will regain the lead.and they must not lose it.
But remember you must put Killer instinct in the same environment and proximity with all sony games

How Killer Instinct must look on PS5 and XBOX
Its gonna be a bit hard Describing this for you, But if you are a visionary you will get the abstract picture as soon as u think of the KI vision
The new Killer instinct must look like this clip below and better visually : 3DMark Fire Strike - Full Demo | High Quality | 1080p HD Official Upload - YouTube

Killer instinct sound must embrace the essence of what makes KI great
The Epic sounds, All character themes must be as epic as tusk theme and Sabrewulf theme in Killer Instinct 2
Any KI character theme that doesnt meet this epic level requirement , must be rejected until a befitting KI epic sound is made.

What XBOX needs to start building
Wait for it …Xbox needs to start building an 8K Console immediately!
Stop all Xbox series X Team now, stop all the controller Teams and deploy all the staff there to start making an 8K Console with immediate effect.

XBOX and a new wireless VR Disruption Strategy
Xbox needs to hire an AR VR Team that is experienced in Virtual reality, This team will work to ensuring that the next Xbox 8K console is VR capable,
The chips in this new Xbox console must use the new 4090 GTX graphics cards and must run at 8K 60fps at the worst as a standard. This standard must be rigid
Xbox leadership must state boldy to devs that only 8K 60FPS games will be approved and allowed on this new Xbox Console. This is the path to chatting a new lead position in the Gaming industry. Most Xbox 1st party games must be put on VR and adapted to play in VR. Once Xbox VR looks good,m 3rd party developers will
willingly come by themselves and convert all their games to VR by themselves without Xbox needing to do anything further,
but advertise on Billboards across the world., that xbox now has an 8k VR machine. Pay attention i didnt say Billboards in USA , I said the WORLD.

Final advice from the Nigerian KI War General
If u do this , You will see Xbox Console demands soar to immanageable proportions. Xbox PC gamers will preach Xbox dominance and u will now have planted a new loyalty
into the hardened sony fans then they will begin to champion xbox by themselves and preach xbox to everyone they know without u doing much.

I know it sounds crazy, I know it sounds a lil bit really crazy and I know it sounds like hard work. but is it possible, Oh yes it is , is it achievable?
emphatically YES. The leadership just needs to believe the above strategy and have the right mindset. The Keyword here is your Mindset
The people who dare to achieve greatness when things are not looking great are the ones that are daring enough to try out the craziest things no one is willing to try

The way to take over the gaming industry is to radically creative and innovatively when nobody is thinking of creating anything ground breaking

I have scribbled a whole diary of how this change will happen, I am not posting that part publicly so the competition does not take the Full strategy and run with it
if xbox remains docile & dormant.

Like i have said, if you want the full strategy reach out to me , I will give you the Full strategy, i know the road & journey will be rough but u must be willing to Implement it, deliberately work at making it happen & actually belief it will work.

Am open to give the xbox Team free game and more of this Strategy in Full Details, but Xbox Leadership itself has to be deliberate & Intentional with this strategy
If anyone over there at xbox ever feels like reaching out and hearing more of the Masterplan dm

Do not take this advice for granted, This is the path to the Great Xbox Disruption.