Next Fan Expo Canada request

By any chance, if KI returns to next year’s Xbox presence at Fan Expo Canada (Toronto), could we get 1 station set up with labelled button sticks?
Would suggest no taunt, just x3 punch n kick for labeling. And perhaps a note asking to not change the buttons on the sticks, but that’s just nit-picking the idea behind the labeling (even colour coding).

I believe a lot can be benefited from setting up an old school arcade station for the game. Even setting that booth with a sound system that makes it feel like an old arcade too? (lots of bass!)

Note: The staff that were there were great in encouraging passer-bys to play.

I was there! What I didn’t like was that it was tucked away in the corner. You had to walk by Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4 and ReCore just to get to it. And alot of people were already so sold on those, that KI was largly skipped over.

Were you there yesterday? I was the guy beating everyone with Arbiter and RAAM lol.


Very happy someone experienced got to pwn away :slight_smile:

I was on first experience+honeymoon trip, and there wasn’t the setup for me to say “Honey, may you and friend come back in a… Hour? @WulfwoodsSins and I have to pwn until someone kicks us off or you come back.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Likely, you would have been that person! Noticed many that tried had experience in fighters to some degree, special moves were being thrown out, but didn’t see a single person understand the game via continuous combos and/or breakers. I think it greatly benefits a game demo like that when players that know how it plays (at a functioning level at the very least), do.

… I actually saw someone use Fulgore’s core charge over and over, with a full reactor, just because, BEEFCAKE! :smiley:

Fist bumps for showing off and using GoW’s RAAM while doing so (… It goes without saying for anything Halo from me. If it’s Halo related, you can bet you have my ear/eyes, at a minimum!)

I hope I did my part advertising the game! I even managed to land a Counter Breaker in front of the crowd! There was a loud “OOOOOOOOHHHHHH” and then I ended the match.


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