Next Character Guess (Realistic)

You saw it on Twitter, there may be an Katana-character, but… I have an strange feeling that this will be [details=Summary]The Dojo Master from KI2, The Soundpart has a retro resemblance a bit[/details]

But that is just a guess, keep the good work up, IG. But you can now put new stages in it. It’s just boring with reused stages.

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I think Samurai is Hisako’s father or man who asked her to marry him.


I think a straight up Samurai is too difficult to work in. If I had to guess, the sword will be linked to a modern character. If they are interested in the archetype, maybe they use this to make a puppet character where the sword is wielded by a Samurai spirit it moves independently of the character. But this seems doubtful to me.

The tease focuses on the Kitana and doesn’t say anything about a Samurai. So I would count on seeing the sword, but anything else? Who knows?

What if…it was just the sword as a character. Imagine the hurtbox salt. It would be worse than Yoda or Rocket Racoon.

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Maybe it is yoshimitsu


i would love a shaman king inspired charecter where the spirit and the dude fight together as a dual charecter

Rooster spirit!

Already debunked both of these.

Hisako’s father used a naginata so it’s unlikely he would switch to a sword.

And I doubt a sacred sword would consider that other man a worthy wielder.

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I would die if it’s Yoshimitsu. Especially since my bro is a fan of that character, and I can use him as a springboard (pun-intended) to get him into KI.

as long as its not the yoshimitsu design with the japanese shogun looking war flag on its back. i reeally dont like how the flag looks.

I love it, but I don’t think it’d be a requirement - maybe just 1 of his accessories for, say, his retro or something. It would probably work similar to Gargos’ wings in terms of animation and when he gets knocked down.

One way I could see a samurai happening that would be neat, though probably a bit too complicated for a remix, would to have a samurai be a He-man of sorts. Say the sword is posessed and some modern random guy (or not random) finds it and the spirit in the sword posesses him and transforms him into a physical manifestation of the spirit’s former self, complete with armor, which may be kind of spectral on him or something more tangible.

Hisako has two sisters and a grandmother. She’s a descendant of long line of female samurai… Just sayin’

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What about her?!?


While I’m not against having another female character, I would prefer having a male character of Eastern ethnicity, since we already have 2 females of the same, or similar, heritage (Kim Wu and Hiasko).

So long as the modern character looks interesting and not boring sure.

I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.


Or maybe its the guy from Shadow Warrior since the second one is coming to xbox one. :sweat_smile: However i like the fact that the character has a katana, already.

Actually a Samurai was proficient in a lot of diffferent weapons and cultural arts. The daisho, a set of katana one long one short, was always worn as a kind of badge and the sword was the poetically called “soul of the samurai”. The sword was their religion, lol, even if they also trained in or even preferred other weapons like a bow/arrows or spear or the naginata. Hisako being a female Samurai (yes she is one by birth if her father was one) would have also been cross-trained in all of these.

Disclaimer: The above has nothing to do with an opinion on whether the Katana hints a new character or a new SL guardian, I just really like Feudal History and the “her father used the naginata so he wouldn’t use the katana” was untrue, lol, sorry not trying to fight.