Next Backstory? (Omen's has been released!)

Does anyone know when it will be and will it be Omen or Aganos?

I think they skip Omen because he’s bonus character. But I’m excited about Agnes’s backstory!

Yes…Omen started off as just a bonus character, but he has become apart of KI’s cannon. I’m sure he’s going to get a backstory, after all he’s integral to the coming of Gargos.


Would ask Adam but he won’t tell if the bonus characters will get a backstory so hard to say if they’ll jump to Aganos or do Omen, what would be cool is if they Did Shadow Jago’s combined with Omen’s today or later this week.

Gotta say if they skipped the two I’d be pretty pissed that they’d keep them as secondary even with their stories but I have faith in IG they haven’t let me down yet.

Not sure why they would skip Omen. He may be a bonus character but he possesses Jago and works for Gargos. That is a pretty critical piece of the story.


Because they skipped Shadow Jago who was a bonus character.

If they are going by release shagos story will be last



But he’s technically the 9th character of Season 1. He’s just playable with a different moveset in Season 2 as a community fund. Same character, different moveset.

Yeah but they did his changes last in the s3 changes. Well know if omen is next if he’s considered to be included

I believe the reason they didn’t cover Shago’s story is because his bit was pretty much already covered in Jago’s backstory, where it says that he just travelled the world collecting energy. Omen will most likely get a story though, considering he is connected to Gargos the most.



LOl…If Omen doesnt get a Back Story Im boycotting! lol

Oops! I did said “Agnes”… It auto correct’s fault!

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The wait for this backstory is killing me! What day do they usually show up?

I hope is Omen’s Backstory! His backstory could explain more about the Astral Plane and the Shadow Lords!


Technically shago was in the first batch of characters, as a bonus with the day one live gold. I had him since day one of KI

Technically, he was just a bonus skin. Character Shago was released last.

But that depends on what part of Shago we are talking about. Shago as his own character with a different moveset came out at the end of season one as secret boss, then we got his remade moveset recently, but the idea of Shago as a character has been in the game since day 1. It’s hard to decide where exactly he should fit in the development timeline.

I predict Shadow Jago and Omen will both be covered in the same story.

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