News please...?

Hello Microsoft and Irongalaxy, And Communauty! i wonder why Capcom tease Street Fighter 5 every day and hype the gamers; And Msoft and IG are ghosts… We had become used to news every week, character every month, and maintaining the desert; shall have we more news in March in the starting up of the season 3?

I trust you Microsoft and IG, i think that the season 3 and the work made above shall be great!! But please, GIVE WE NEWS, SCREENSHOTS, ETC.

Thank you.


Look in the “News” section of the forums. We’ve had a ton of new info revealed in the last week, with new character info coming every week leading up to Season 3.
Also try the main site/front page, and the devs’ Twitters.

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Yes, every day. But i dont look new on season3… Rash? ok. and? ^^

Well there was also Shadow Jago’s moveset, Jago’s new season 3 back story, hints at balance changes, giveaways, sales, public events like Brazil Gameshow…
As far as “legit” Season 3 news like Kim Wu or Tusk, it’s not like they’ve had a ton of time to work on it.
Using the example of Street Fighter V’s reveal schedule: That games been in development for at least a year or two, so it makes sense that they’d have all of their character reveal trailers and large scale beta testing ready. Season 3 has probably been in development for a MAXIMUM of 5-6 months. It looks like they’re showing us these things as quickly as they finish them.

Now lets look at it through the Season 2 style of reveals. S2 revealed at e3 2014, and beta tested TJ/released around the end of September. The reveal schedule then went for 1 full reveal trailer and one teaser per month, followed by concept and gameplay streams.
Fast forward to now; Rash reveal was in late August, beta ran through September, details on Shadow Jago sprinkled in-between (including the full moveset, instinct, and some balance changes).
Now, time for some theory crafting
Lets assume that this month of October is mostly Shago month, and Kim-Wu news hits full throttle in early November. Including the March release, there’s 5 months until S3 starts. If we stick to the one per month reveal schedule, and the once per week character bios, we get:
*4-5 character reveals in time for s3 launch
*17 updated character bios
*Shadow Jago

  • possibly Beta tests for new characters and balance changes

Maybe I’m a bit too much of an optimist, but I think the news is going to be flowing smooth as molasses in the very near future.
Look at the bright side. Our wait time is measured in weeks or months. At least we aren’t going through what Half-Life fans are going through :wink:


Ok, i agree! ^^

But I adore having information, and season 1 and 3 accustomed to me at a sustained pace ^^ I often go on Eventhubs and I see only of Street Fighter 5 …

I am someone very positive, but I want concrete information, images:)

Wait, wait and see.

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I need some Shadow Jago in my life right now. To stave off the yearning I have for Kim. :grinning:

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Lol I don’t blame you dude, I’ve also grown accustomed to more yummy info and reveals every month. But it feels like the news is ALOT more common than back in season1. Sometimes it was almost two months before we got a character reveal.

This still ha some tastey news tid-bits. Not as much as season2, but certainly more than season1.

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SFV’s advertising budget dwarfs that of KI’s, of that I am nearly positive.

NOTE: I am not trying to say Capcom has more ad money than Microsoft. That would be an absurd thing to say. I think the problem is stemmed from a lack of belief in the 2D Fighting Genre on behalf of the fat cats @ MS. Note also that this has nothing to do with IG, @TempusChaoti or his project staff. Hopefully with KI they can be an agent of change, but half of that responsibility is on us as a community to grow the game by nurturing newcomers and introducing it to friends/making online content about the game.


That’s a lot of qualifiers!, but you’re right.

Sadly, I would be hard pressed to put a proposal together to anyone claiming that all the $$ to be made justifies investing hugely in the FGC.

But also MS and IG learned the hard way in S2 that having an open dialogue with the community during game development just means giving people ammunition to complain about. As a community, we didn’t do ourselves any favors.


100% agreed. Some of the mewling, petulant, entitled nonsense I saw on the S2 forums was laughable at best and downright depressing at worst. I’d expect them to be a lot more careful about what they reveal and how in the future.

Man, I would LOVE to put that proposal together. If only MS corporate would give me the time… :pray:


Well you have to admit (since I’m positive you are talking about the unfinished TJ Combo reveal fiasco) that showing TJ in that state was a cold shower to the fans, since that was the first thing we ever saw about S2. And if we had to take that at face value, S2 seemed to be in not very good hands.

So instead of blaming the fans for being rude, I think it was not very wise of IG and MS to show TJ in his state. We had no way of knowing he’d look heaps and bounds better in the end, so some took the worst case scenario and went with it.

I do not blame IG for not showing kim tusk and gargos one each a week, but if they are not finished I don’t want to see them yet either to avoid a new TJ meltdown.

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I actually wasn’t thinking of TJ specifically. I was thinking of everything. Every reveal or piece of information was met with a mostly positive reaction. But within even an hour someone would start to complain. And then they would collect a few supporters and those people would rail and cry and spam the same thing for days and days - long after the average forum user had said “wow, that’s cool” and moved on. Coupled with all the armchair lawyers with their, “you said in one interview a year ago something that I chose to misconstrue, and therefore YOU LIED TO US!!! YOU ARE A BUNCH OF LYING LIARS AND I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE TREATING KI FANS THIS WAY!!!” I wouldn’t blame them for not revealing anything at all until the game is finished and available for sale…


well, aside from air counterbreakers and the new manual rules I do not remember anything particularly gruesome during that transition aside of the normal bickering.

Maybe I missed some hot topics but I felt the reveal of S2 was more or less like S1, with your fair share of disagreements and flaming but positive mostly. It’s true that some forum members left during that time, and some quit the game too, but that was to be expected.

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Never Forget… #MouthGate


Ummm…I don’t want to be that guy, but…

What’s #MouthGate?

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What is that???

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Some people wanted Cinder’s mouth to show on his mask, and others didn’t.

It was a topic that got hundreds of replies in just a week or two back when Cinder’s in-game model was shown for the first time. More people talked about that than the gameplay teasers they gave. It was a pretty big deal.

Also, regarding reveals, you have to think about when the best time is to reveal info. It’s hard to reveal info 6 months before the release, because then people just have to… sit on that for half a year, and things can change during development so they don’t want to be liars. Capcom has told us all but 1 of the SF5 fighters, and that game is still 4-5 months away! When they run out of characters, what are they going to do? Fans will just have to sit there with anticipation, there will be a long spell without new info no matter how you do it.

A slow trickle is probably best. I want to see more of the S3 characters as much as anyone, but I think it’s actually kind of harmful to show it too early. :disappointed: And, of course, everything Andy said about how the fans reacted to pieces of news is true. I can’t imagine 6 months of “I don’t like the color of Kim Wu’s teeth in that screenshot”. <shudder>


Some users even went so far as to say that the mouth on the model was the only thing they disliked, but since it was there, it ruined the entire thing for them.



I missed that one, I don’t remember the drama. I wasn’t particularly hyped about him so it’s very probable I missed this entire topic.

Wow. People seem to complain about everything… That sucks. I would hold back on info too, if I was gonna get responses like that… :confused:

Not trying to call out anybody :smile:

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