Newbie Tips Question

I am new to this game and just wanted some expertise from KI, K2 and this current KI orchid players. So I am a newbie and want to get good on this character. Any tips or advice I can get?

Are you looking for advice on how to play orchid?

Yes. From the pros who played her in K1, K2 and this new one. I am new and really I don’t know much about been watching some videos of this fighter and I really like the figting style and want to learn and main this character.

Ok. Well there is a guide made by a user that goes by Infilament. He made a comprehensive guide that details ask the character stats and how they benefit and are weak. Read that. You don’t have to read everything just read the basics then skip to your character.

This will help you

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You have to read everything.



One of the best things i would say to start with is grind in survival. Start on easy. Get familiar with her moves & pratice them over & over. Try to get to where you can make it to hard…about 40 wins in…or at leadt try to get to normal, & then hop online & grind there to learn general patterns.
But I’d say any character in this game it really just takes time & a lot of trial & effort. There’s no real secret. You put in the time, you get the results.

…I didn’t lol but OK I guess.