Newbie questions

Newbie questions here: I just got the game a month ago and a player sent me a message saying “gg”. What does it mean?

Also: what is “tea-bagging”? (The game kind, not the other kind.)

And: are players who suddenly disconnect when I’m about to win rage-quitting?


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Welcome to the community!

“GG” stands for “Good Game.” When sent after a match, it is usually a sign of respect from the other player thanking you for the game. If sent during the match, it’s an insult where the player is telling you the game is over already, they’ve beaten you, and get out.

“Tea-bagging” is when a player constantly ducks and stands very quickly, often, but not always, over your body. It’s usually done as a troll during a match, or for your opponent to gloat during a victory over you. It’s something that often angers people, so don’t let it!

For sudden disconnects, they may be, though it’s also possible it’s a poor connection quality.


I think you summed it up good here.


Thanks, very clear indeed. I feel bad at not having answered the “gg” then! It’s certainly nicer than receiving an insult, which I also got. Oh well!
I certainly could never write a message during a match, that’s quite skillful! I’m too busy trying to keep from droping my game.
So I did notice a few tea-baggers then. Joke’s on them though, since I had no idea what they were doing! hehe

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If you still have the message, you can still reply! Something along the lines of “GG, thank you for the Match!” always works.

Writing during a match, it’s easier to do on PC (the game features cross platform between Xbox One, Windows Store, and outside of Ranked, Steam). I’ve never seen a premature GG sent in Killer Instinct yet though.

Tactics like teabagging, especially when done mid match, are usually meant to troll/make you angry. When you’re angry, you’re likely to make more mistakes and blow the match, which is what they want. It’s a psychological tactic, so never let it get the better of you!

This is also the case with insults and such mid-match; the opponent might just be trying to irk you and mess you up psychologically.

For insults sent post match, block, report, and move on.


Taunts and tea-bagging don’t make me angry, I just get angry at myself when I can’t do what I plan, drop a combo and can’t pull off certain moves, etc. I’m kind of clumsy, but I just move on. It’s such a complex game that learning all the tricks is a tall order, and the top players are very good obviously. As for insults, I just brush it off, I was just surprised to get it, especially because I lost the match! It was just silly.

Also I noticed sometimes I can hear the other player on my TV. At first I thought I was crazy, but I figured out people on PC have mics, etc. It’s quite odd. One very young guy, new player, was horrified when I picked Aganos in gold suit. He said (to someone with him): “What’s that! Oh no look! It’s gold Aganos! That means he’s even more powerful!” hehe
Another one kept mentionning “boobies” when I played as Orchid against him, like the whole match. Odd fellow!

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Good stuff. Yes, there’s lots to learn in this game, there’s always something to be doing or attempting, and that’s what I love about it. The more you learn, the more you’ll get out of it, but you don’t need to master everything to enjoy yourself. Easy to learn, hard to master is a description that fits this game pretty well.

And I fub a lot of execution as well, which frustrates me. But that’s on me and simply means I need to work on that.

Orchid is currently my best character, and she certainly fits the obligatory overly busty military chick role in the game. Female character design has certainly changed from 2013 to now.

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And every character is so well designed and unique that each poses new challenges. And there are many of them. It must have been very exciting for the early players to see the game evolve as it has. But yes, mastering it I’m sure is quite hard. I’ve seen how the top players play (and been beaten quite a lot) and I can tell they know a language I do not. I don’t expect to be that good, I’m just happy to play :smile: (though I did reach the gold tier, so I was very excited about that).

As for execution, I don’t feel quite at ease yet with the controller, but as I remember, for fighting games, I’ve always prefered arcade style joystick, with buttons all together on the side, rather than console controllers with buttons on top. But I’m sure such arcade style controllers are not cheap! So I’ll get used to my Xbox controller.

As for busts, Orchid of course was always built this way from the get go, I guess the today trend is “realism” (whatever that means), but when it comes to fantasy games I find that quite insufficient. As if “the guys” in modern games weren’t themselves fully roided up. It’s just politics getting in the way of imagination. The reaction to fighting game characters should be “wow!”, not “oh yes, quite realistic and proper”. It’s meant to be outrageous.

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It was indeed :slight_smile:

You can mute the opponent at the character select screen by pressing the Start button. KI can be somewhat bad about automatically picking up mics (via Kinect on X1, any microphone setup on PC), so lots of times people will have them on without quite realizing it.

But welcome to KI! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time with the game :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t5:


Oh, absolutely. Have you checked out Infilament’s guide yet? It’s one of, if not they, best guide written for a fighting game ever.

For Controllers, I highly recommend the Hori Fighting Commander for Xbox One. It’s D-Pad is more precise than the Xbox Wireless Controller’s, and it has six face buttons like you prefer. I find it a far superior pad to the Xbox Wireless Controller.

For female character design, yes, Orchid was indeed originally designed that way. For me personally, I don’t fret too much over such things, it’s the gameplay that’s important to me. I do think character designs like what we saw in Mortal Kombat (2011) were really out there and pretty silly, and I actually like the female character design in Mortal Kombat 11. It does look more real while still being attractive to me. But again, gameplay is always first and foremost to me.

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Yes I have checked out his guide, haven’t gone through the whole thing yet. It’s very impressive, a great resource, shows amazing dedication.

Thank you so much for recommending this controller, it’s perfect and inexpensive. I will definitely get it. It’s exactly what I want.

As for the MK11 models, I haven’t seen them all yet (and have not played the game at all), but they look nice from what I can see (except the Sindel I saw…). You are right that the gameplay counts the most!

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I had no idea I could mute the other player, thanks. It can be quite stressful to play against someone while hearing them shouting they’re “gonna f*** you up b****!” :pleading_face: :rofl:


Yeah that’s something a lot of people don’t seem to do for some reaon. Even my nephew can’t seem to grasp the concept.

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There are also some special circumstance.
The game has a button labeled “taunt”
Pending on the character you pick, you get different taints.
Personally is like to play as Kilgore and taunt during the match on lieu of saying good game. The reason for this? I’m a military veteran and Kilgore’s taunt happens to be a salute, so I mean it not as an insult but a sign of respect.

As for tea bagging, what I like doing is taking my Riptor and position her over the dead player where the game no longer knows which way is facing forward, it makes my Riptor look like she’s dancing on the grave.
Not trying to be a poor sport but I find it funny.