Newbie looking for help/training

Looking for some people to do sets with. I’ve spent most of my KI time against the CPU. So anyone willing to help a newbie out add me. Maybe I should post in general but I’ll try here since I’m going with TJ.

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If your still fairly new to the game I reconmend you play ranked and just keep hitting that Find opponent button man. If you believe that you have a Very good understanding of the game and the combo system, then I’m sure there are many people willing to play with you. I for one, do not use TJ very often, nor do I enjoy playing him.

Glad you’re having fun with the game. If you feel like your getting pretty good, make sure to shoot me a message or reply, i would be glad to play with you!

Thanks for the response I’ve been doing ranked like you suggested. And is it me or do most of the low ranked people with me just button mash with the combo assist? Because thats all I run into and its annoying. Or its someone who invested way more time in the game than me. I thought by now they would find some type of balance on that end.

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In my opinion, Sabrewulf is the easiest character to practice and master.

Sent you a message via XBL.:wink:

I find sabrewolf the most annoying I guess because the way most people use him that I’ve ran into. I appreciate the advice but maybe I’ll pick him up later on. And Galactic Geek I’ll check that message when I get home.

Oh right, I’m on PC and noobish myself, so I thought it would help. :slight_smile:

I’m switching to PC soon so I can let my brother have his Xbox back but I’m not calling no one a noob. I’m just amazed at some of the button mashing. Sorry if it sounds like I’m crying/whining about it.

No such thing as button mashing. Everyone presses the same buttons. Just some know what they are pressing :smiley: The trick to beat these people is to do nothing. Just wait. Block their stuff. Since the stuff they are doing is random,they will eventually do something bad and you can hit them.

C88 Glitchez add me I play Tj

C88 added you and I hear u Sasuke I be sitting there watching it and be like “the buttons” but I figure it out.


Hopefully we can play today…I’ll be on around 5pm cst

Cool I’m ready to get bodied for a few sets.

Or they finally grab you, but what you said is good for the most part.