New Years Killer Instinct Music Video | (GMV)

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Been a while.

To celebrate 2020, I present a "Game Music Video" that honestly, I should have uploaded much sooner…

Better late than never I suppose.

What happened was I finished this video right after I did the Jago one way back, and the two were meant to commend the song writers of Season 3’s Soundtrack, Atlas Plug and Celldweller. Then Kilgore was revealed, and the 2 other DLC characters at the time had yet to be shown, so I’d figure I’d just wait, then edit them into the video after they were released. Which I did.

But somehow I lost the hard-drive that I saved the video on, and without making a backup copy, I couldn’t find it since. Until now that is.

The one I did for Atlas Plug:

Happy New Years, and Fight On!

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