New windkick strategies post 3.7?


I mean… It does catch people off guard because it’s so quick and hard to react to.

I’ve caught people in it. But it’s something you do sparingly unless you have a hard read.




I disagree with the notion of no bad match ups for Fulgore since Sadira can bea real utter pain in the ■■■. Once she’s onto top you, you can’t really do a whole lot just hope your DP motion is faster then Sadira’s widow drop. All that aside.

I did play a bit of Jago recently and while I do notice the wind-kick nerfs are noticable I still find the sword swing and fireballs useful tools.

Also got an Ultimate on my brother last night, I feel pretty darn smug and happy about it :>

Jago I think will always be a hard one to break. I have a feeling Jago mains will pick it right back up.

also @AbouMegas As a Cinder main, I can tell you that close up sinders aren’t to bad, you can DP us out of the air and if we even try to trailblaze you, you can always hit us out witha light normal. Trailblazer has great mobility but it is total ■■■■ with priority.


Sadira doesn’t beat Fulgore. Let’s get that right out of the way. :neutral_face:

Wind kick is still potent. It’s still sailing over my cr.MK’s in the midrange, and is still a tool that must be respected in the neutral.

Seriously, I’m eating an annoying number of wind kicks now. I think it being worse is making it more potent in some ways. I’m not always looking for it anymore because it’s a “bad” option, and that means I’m just catching them with my face instead :sweat_smile:


I played a few ranks last night and for some reason the changes actually made my gameplay feel a lot smoother, I won 5 out of 6 matches

(lost both in danger, to a hail storm spamming Glacius, after dropping my combo)

anyway, I felt the changes but they actually felt good, I was actually able to be more on the offense than usual…


My conclusions right now is that the various nerfs, while not the end of the world, are definitely significant. When done from a fair distance, medium wind kick can be safe-ish, but is certainly punishable most of the time. It makes closing much more difficult, but when you have a fair read on your opponent you can connect. Learning to use light wind kick has been tough (muscle memory), but still useful when you know your opponent wants to use a low attack.

Currently, I feel that Jago is starting to become sluggish to play with. The nerfs certainly do make one play defensively. The decreased range for neck cutter also hurts as I have been needing to relearn spacing for that move. And I swear that I am getting punished on fireballs when I wasn’t before - was that a change I missed?

What is striking is just how much this changes the meta of the character. They have made Jago a close-range fighter rather than more of a mid-range one and it is more challenging to open up an opponent. Sure he has fireballs, but once you get into footsies, his faults become apparent. The poor throw range and short backdash means you can’t get out of some situations that you put yourself into as a result of relying on laser sword. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if light wind kick has a bit more distance. And yes, I know you can fireball cancel, but I kind of stopped since so many players just mash lights to tech a throw, with the result that I just get punched in my dash-cancel.


So is there a reason Jagos have started doing Windkick into Windkick into Windkick on block? I’ve never seen any do that before the nerf yet now it seems like every Jago, even pro star Jagos, is doing it. Why?


Cause it’s low crush. You need to throw out a upper body hitbox normal.


Yes but it’s always been low crush, why is this only now taking off?

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I’d say that because the move is more negative now (I’m thinking you mean the light version, which isn’t punishable, right? I’m not entirely sure on the frame data for the light version right now =S) it has become one of those situations in which they know their opponent will likely press a fast button since they’re advantaged and so doing a second windkick will punish badly spaced pokes as well as low pokes that could otherwise reach.

Kinda guessing here, though xD but I can see the logic behind that.

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Sometimes I would do medium windkick followed by light windkick to catch lows. Can’t do that now so I imagine it is a lot of light windkicks followed by light. I would attempt a throw since the move is no longer throw invulnerable.


It’s similar to Thunder doing ankle slicer->ankle slicer. People often didn’t challenge windkicks before because Jago’s options after them were so good, so Jago’s instead just went for other pressure/mixup options. Now people will reliably challenge (and in a predictable way), so Jago players are responding to that.

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