New windkick strategies post 3.7?


Yup exactly


What are your thoughts on Rash’s match ups? He’s the other “no bad matchups” character.


I think there are a lot of characters people have said have “no bad matchups” (including Fulgore) and I dunno if I actually believe any of them. I dunno who Rash would lose to since I am not a Rash main and haven’t seen him in all the matchups (although I thought 3.6 Jago did more than decent against him).


I’ve always thought ARIA beat Rash ever since he wasn’t launch Rash


You wanna talk about the ultimate safe on block forward moving special, well… launch Rash it is.


Lmao. I just realized we also forgot Thunder. Ankle Slicer is already becoming the new wind kick that everyone is complaining about. Can’t forget about -3 heavy Triplax either.

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Yea like everybody pointed out, the wind kick change kinda goes against the rest of the game, which is pretty much why I find it a poor decision. I like the nerfs to his overhead, but I don’t think making his forward moving special punishable is the answer when, as said, a vast majority of the cast has safe ones anyway, and is practically a staple of the game.

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As a non-Jago main, I can’t help but think the only “new windkick strat” is “be careful”…

So… pretty much everyone agrees M.Windkick being wholesale punishable maybe wasn’t the best choice. I guess the devs thought it was too good at -3, considering the DP-trap… but couldn’t there have been a different way to adjust it? Adjusting the pushback, maybe (though this could in turn actually make it safer)… ???

One thing I know I don’t like, at all, is that they mucked w/ L.Windkick. You used to be able to frametrap w/ it in INSX thanks to the neato extra advantage. Not anymore.

So… what is that extra +2 good for now? Pre-nerf Windkick? More-plus pressure buttons? Plus frames on buttons nobody contested anyway?

I like all the nerfs except the Windkick nerfs. What a windkick in the pants.


It’s a character-specific, range-specific thing now.

I went into Practice Mode to test with several random characters:

Sabrewulf, Glacius, Rash, Thunder, RAAM can punish M Wind Kick it at its max range (Sabrewulf, RAAM can punish L Wind Kick from near its max range with Eclipse, command grab).

Cinder, Arbiter, ARIA, Kim Wu, Tusk can only punish it if it’s done inside half of its max range. At this range, Jago can do L Wind Kick instead and not get punished. Also, Arbiter can actually punish H Wind Kick now, which is nice.

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I’m not even arguing this. I just don’t see how this correlates to what i said. I think it doesn’t make it easier for jago to get in but i don’t think it’s quintessential in any match up at the moment.

I was just giving him suggestions on how successful approaches can and will work. Jago had the ability to put the strongest projectile on the screen. He can also move with this move protecting him.

What logic are you talking about? I never said anything that would lead you to believe I’m downplaying jagos nerf. I’m totally confused with your statement.


I actually disagree. Jago had the ability to put a very powerful projectile on the screen. He can use this as coverage for his unsafe Windkick approach (in order too get close on zoners) or trade counter got charged fireballs (which jago will win that trade due to damage and quick rise).

I think medium kick is still a great option because it tells your opponent not to press buttons from half screen. Fireballs tells your opponent that you can still press buttons and bypass their zoning. PLUS. If the opponent jumps out or blocks them, jago either gets anti air punishes or meter gain.

Jago is a master of none character, he is meant to have a hard time from one extreme to the next, but he has answers to those as well. Him getting gimped on zoning isn’t that bad because he still has a full screen punish (situational) and zoning tools that allow the player to figure out how to get around the opponent.

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Raw Windkicks changed, shadow canceled Windkicks didn’t change. Shadow Wind Kick is still only -1, and he builds meter like a champ. Yeah meterless he got kinda hit but, once he is in, he will still be in and doing the same old stuff. I honestly never used Wind Kick that much unless I was anticipating a low. So that part doesn’t change much for me. I’m used to Fulgore so I always seem to have an abundance of meter with Jago so I’ll have no problem getting close when I need to. Just because we have to shadow cancel more than before, doesn’t mean we can’t get in anymore. He can still throw a charged Fireball and walk behind it to anti zone too. So there is that which I use quite a bit in some matchups.

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I love seeing all of the advice in this thread because a lot of it hearkens back to Season 1 tech. It’s cool to see people remember why something worked in the first place.

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He had a couple in s2 against aganos and aria. All in all these changes were likely to keep jago from being so low risk yet extremely high reward like he was for the majority of s3 up until this point.


Those match ups were 5.5 -4.5 at best.


Aria maybe. Jago however had it bad with aganos.


I’m glad to see some of the responses here, but even ignoring windkick, all of Jago’s midrange arsenal has been nerfed. Fireballs have had a damage decreased and neck cutter takes longer with a decrease in range.

Man, that is a lot. And I don’t see them undoing this, but rather just nerfing other characters to compensate for the decreased performance of Jago. It is hard enough with keep-away Arias and Cinders or Raams up close. It’s hard not to think whether I want to keep playing since I clicked so much with this character.

I’m on a business trip and so I haven’t had a chance to play since Sunday. We will see what happens when I load up the game. I get it, you have to adapt, but the nonchalance about the severity of these changes is frustrating on top of decreases in damage enders and a previous shadow fireball nerf.


YOLO Heavy Windkick at every opportunity. Think about it: everyone is so sure that it’s terrible, that no one will suspect it! :wink:


I’m ashamed to admit how much that works “Surely he’s not stupid enough to heavy windk… and now I’m eating a combo.”

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The infamous Tiger Tekk. @TheNinjaOstrich can confirm.