New win animations

I noticed in the stream Kim Wu Tusk and Arby have excellent win sequences.

I especially love Kim’s

But will orchid always have the ultratech sequence ?
While I love her brandishing her batons,

I’d love to see Jago thunder and Glacius get new longer animations but it’s not a necessity. I do love that my favorites have great win sequences !

In contrast I love injustice soul Calibur and MKX win sequences where they continue to have motion for visual effect. I guess it could be worse, we could have the customization figures just bouncing with stats on screen.

So excited for Kim !!!
2 weeks

Well, until UltraTech is taken down, Orchid will keep taking steps towards their end. :wink:


I like how KI does the win screens tbh there is something about the character movement stopping all of a sudden and then SUPREME VICTORY getting slapped across the screen the way it does look really awesome. I think the coolest is Fulgore’s though, the way they made the beam’s sounds kind of echo and fade out with the pause is godlike lol I love it

But Jago is SO abrupt.

I’m just glad I suggested that Kim not have such a short interrupted win
Her intro and her outro are the right length and showcase her ability and attitude.

Maya’s was good until she walked away-

Thunders is just idk he may as well have been paused at the first frame.

Maybe Jago can have his old E3 outro reworked again?

“Perhaps this isn’t the path for you.”

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I actually really like Jago’s - not every win pose needs to be an epic. Some of the outros are a bit on the long side - for long sets it’s an unnecessary chunk of downtime.

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Alternate intros and outros would be cool, especially if it takes into consideration who the opponent was and how the match played out. But like Adam mentioned in a podcast a few months back it takes time and resources for that kind of stuff and there are higher priorities. Not to mention that some of the voice actors might not be available anymore.

I don’t think we’ll end up getting this, as cool as it would be (I’m really sick of zoomed in outros or the long ones).


As long as i have kims ad orchids im good😄

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Since I don’t think it will happen, at least let us skip the outros so we can fight again quickly

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I think new win animations, like many neat little ideas, fall into the category of

“would be nice, but I’d rather they spend time on new outfits, Ultimates and more stage Ultras. Then, if they want to add even more polish to the game, make variable intros and win animations.”

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Jago’s is perfect. Basically says,“You got bodied son,” then he leaves. Short, sweet, and to the point lol.



Now arriving at Destination: Jago.

Your path ends here.

Thank you for Flying with Windkick Airlines. XD


Yes its just that instead of leaving, he lea-

Hahaha nice

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Oh man lmao I love this :airplane: :tiger: