New website UI?


I noticed this several days ago, but never put time into posting about it.

And no, you weren’t the only one who used that feature XD


Looks horrible on my Ipad

Too many squares.



All looks great on my PC but on mobile it is really, really hard to distinguish interface controls, notifications and static text from one another…


I like the new colors and think they look great on the PC and phone. (Chrome on Android).


Only visiting the site on my phone and looks great.
@Sasuke99I I dont see any squares on here…


It looks terrible on my phone! :frowning:


What phone do you have? I have an iPhone.


I have an Android Tracfone, and am using Google Chrome as the browser.


This is how mine looks, I find it easy on the eyes and very clear. Only minor nitpick is the seethrough top bar.


Mine looks largely the same. It’s the tiled, repeating background that I find jarring (it doesn’t even transition well along the borders). On PC and Xbox, it’s a single static background that doesn’t move - the text and everything else does when you scroll. On mobile, this tiled background moves along with everything else. I simply want the mobile version to be like everywhere else.


@Draigh Can you rotate it so it is horizontal? Horizontally, it looks weird but vertically, it works fine on my IPad


Like this?


Well idk then :frowning:



Yea this has bothered me for a long time lol

I pretty much only use mobile these days and the background doesn’t really bother me at all. So that’s my opinion on that…


The dev tracker was a part of the forum’s software, and when we updated, this…feature…came along with it. Not the best news, but it is what it is. At least now you can ignore all my posts in the OT section.


I provided a fix for the top bar

the web team have to add the code that I posted


To innovate something or make any changes in the website you need any scripting language and other things like