New website UI?


Probably not. I just think its a new shiny background to keep the forums fresh.


Well, to put it blunt: when we switched to these forums I had to do a CSS stylization pass myself. Fun fact: I don’t know a thing about CSS, which is why we went with pretty much a generic white text with dark background.

Now that we are way farther along, and our web team (who also works on various other Microsoft Studios titles) has some free time to look at KI, we decided to start to implement changes. Did you notice that the character pages now have moves lists in them?

We’re also going to be adding an events Calendar to the home page as well as a dedicated page on the main site.

The forums are getting reworked too. All in all, we just wanted to keep things looking good around here. This was a long time coming. Wish it would have happened at the Season 3 announcement but there’s always work to be done.

So long story short - the forums never got a chance to really be worked out. This is that chance.


That is a cool fact. Shows how much you and the web team have improved!

I actually did, albeit by accident.

That’s Awesome! Can we expect things like KI Events, Tourney Schedules and everything KI on this?

That’s good you guys get a chance to do it now. Better Now than Never, I always say. Looks Good so far from my POV. :thumbsup:


The background look like is should be moving. like a still .gif of a scrolling pattern.

I suddenly want to play Eathbound.


Yawp. Maybe not full on schedules but hmm… Time to spin up another thread.


Really digging the new changes.
Looking forward to see what you guys at IG have up your sleeves this year.


I don’t like the new look of the forums. But then again, I’m also a miser who dislikes change.

In all seriousness though, I feel like the readability on the mobile version has gone down. The colors going on in the background are making me have to legit focus on the text to see it. :slight_frown:



From your Phone? It’s not that bad on my IPad. I don’t have my phone to check either ATM.


I don’t like how the colors of the background shift back and forth from bright to dark. It reminds me of a retiled background, but done poorly. If the background was static, and stayed still with no tiling whatsoever, so you’d see only the 1 pattern or background with the blue/green and black always in the same place, then I think it would be easier on the eyes. However, this would mean that everything else, such as the text, would move, which might seem unusual for some.

Of course, you could just make the pattern mesh to be better around the edges, or make the colors more uniform (and not have so much contrast). Right now I can clearly see where the pattern begins and ends, and that’s bad.

Maybe you could stretch the middle out and have the background size relative to post size - this way, the dark highlights the user name at the top and the buttons at the bottom and such with the blue highlighting the text body. The darkness of the edges will help separate each post from 1 another.


I love it. Great colors while keeping it from being to bright, looks a lot better than before :sunglasses:


Physical copies of Killer Instinct Ultimate Edition


Fixed that for you :wink:


Round 1 FIGHT! :grin:


Wouldnt mind that announcer in KI :sunglasses:


Season 4 hype?


Just got home and realized my complaint stems from mobile, which is terrible! It looks great in a normal browser! Fix your mobile site to be like in a standard browser, both in function and appearance!


Just got home and came to check the site and am loving the new look. The blueish background in the forum section is nice.


I like the colors, and to me they contrast well with the text. A change of scenery is always refreshing.
…ok not always, but in this case it is.

The only nitpick I have is with the menu at the top…the forum home link & profile…they kinda blend into the background and makes them hard to see. Perhaps a color change or a non-transparent background might help that out?


There is one graphical issue.with the thread title and category. it needs a background when you scroll down on the thread.

here is the fixed css code

.docked .d-header {
background: rgba(0,0,0,0.9)!important;

.docked .d-header .extra-info-wrapper .topic-link, .docked .d-header .badge-wrapper.bullet span.badge-category, .docked .d-header .title a {


What happened with the dev tracker? as far as i can tell, there is no way to view the most recent posts from every dev at the same time like i used to be able to. I now have to click on each profile 1 at a time and view their recent posts.

Is this just me? Im surprised a topic hasnt been made for this. Am i the only one who used that feature?