New website UI?

What’s up with the teal and pale yellow UI on the homepage? Is this going to be a change in-game as well?

Web only. Just a refresh is all!

Forums should be next


A dev replied, Season 7 quintillion confirmed.


I’m enjoying the color pallet change gives a pretty nice feel to the website. Now if a season 4 happens I hope thi color pallet gets applied to the game cause… purple and green is obnoxious

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I disagree. Purple has been associated with KI since the beginning.

Ah, okay. I almost got worried for a second. You guys made the right decision with the purple and green in-game.

Can we get blue? Or purple?

I have nothing wrong with purple just it being along side green.

and purple hasn’t always been with ki. Remember that in season 1 and 2 the shadow color was the same color as base omen. Blue. That and the original KI reboot color was silver and red.

Though If I do sound like I’m coming off mean this is not intended. I love the purple coloring that’s currently in place I just dislike the green pairing with it. A purple gold or purple teal would have been a much better choice than the current purple green…

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I meant the original Killer Instinct from the 90s. It was purple, red, and silver. I despise blue being associated with this game because it doesn’t fit at all. The red from season 1 was nice though. Overall purple and green fit because of the supernatural attributes associated with the colors, and purplish-magenta is the complimentary color to green when it comes to light based color theory. So it creates a sort of eccentric harmony, which is exactly what the entire universe of KI embodies.

At least we agree on purple as the common denominator.

This better be a foreshadowing of something big this 2017…


nice web design refresh.

May I give one suggestion? for the news. instead of having category for each character, why not use tags instead.
Because that category menu is quite long when it drops down.

That’s a good call. TBH I didn’t know those were a thing until after they were implemented, and I have been gone for a little while. Thanks for the heads up!

Using this to save on thread space.

As you all see, we have a new background! Looks Nice.

Thanks @rukizzel!

Background is easy. Now I want the web team to do a full stylization pass so links look all nice and dandy and the like. So with that said - anything bugging you all with theming?

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This new UI looks great wasn’t expecting though lol.

@xSkeletalx This thread has been hidden for me. it wasnt in my “similar threads” popup, and it only JUST got bumped for me. my bad.

Is there anything in particular you are looking for? It looks good. Links are visible. It actually helps me read it better lol

Kinda hurts my eyes a bit but Still good work team :smiley:

Is the layout hinting something? like season 4 or a new KI game.

Yellow?! Im seeing pale grey to silver. Am I colorblind?
Anyway… Oh boy, season 4 will make KI look like MKX.