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Microsoft must be allergic to making money.

You can say that again.

Seems like it. Well, we may have to buckle down for another twenty years for the next KI to happen, boys and girls. Here’s hoping the next one comes sooner and is a good, if not great game. Not really encouraging news in all honesty.

At least they gave us something with the Anniversary stuff. Even though all it is was a slight graphic boost with a few mish-mash colors. Definitely wasnt worth a 10 year wait though, lets just be honest here.

The fact they left us in the cold for that long with no word should show how little MS cares for KI imo. We the fans had to literally remind them with the whole “Bring Bacl KI” crap. Its like they forgot they even own the franchise all together.

Its not even just an issue with KI, EVERYTHING Microsoft has under their belt is apperently “not viable for success” judging from Hi Fi Rush’s studio getting canned for seemingly no good reason. One of the biggest game surprises of that year, and they literally just went “Nah, didnt give Phill Spencer enough money, pull the plug.”

Not to go all “console wars” here, but Xbox is just pathetic this generation. They buy all these studios and game IPs, but sit on their fat arses and do nothing with them. Its insane.

FFS even Halo Infinite is down in the dumps, if they cant even get their flagship IP right, then maybe that should be a sign that a “KI2” would just be another disaster on par with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, or MK1 to a lesser extent. (Lord knows we dont need another one of those.)

Its just sad. Jokes on us for liking a “dead” franchise I guess… maybe if they had more faith in the IP, and you know…Gave A ■■■■, it wouldn’t be “dead”, you know?

But what do I know… Im just a guy whos sick of these corporations doing their little “Tests” that accomplish jack ■■■■ in the longrun. All that does, is give out false hope when they have zero plans to actually follow through with any of it.

We’re gamers, Not Guinea Pigs. And until corporations learn the difference, nothings ever gonna change, I’m afraid. Thats my two cents on the matter…

For sure.

I know, right? There are so many franchises just sitting there, including “Scalebound”, and Microsoft just opts to do nothing with them? The business with Hi Fi Rush was such a disrespectful slap in the face to those devs. “Oh, your game was great and made money, winning awards? Well f uck you, we wanted more money!”


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Just wo cents from someone who knows nothing - I really don’t agree. The industry is going through changes, this too will pass. Tomorrow is a new day, full of new announcements. Let’s see what happens.

Even like the PlayStation thing, it makes so much sense to monetize sells on a rival platform capturing money from their fan base and using it to subsidize gamepass for Xbox fans to get the game without any additional investment if you subscribe. I don’t own a PlayStation but I personally think it is good for KI to be in that ecosystem too.

I watched the video, what is IG supposed to say before an announcement? IG was spread to thin at the end of Rumble verse, MS and IG collaborated on Anniversary Edition as a mutually beneficial agreement. We benefited, at no cost which was generous, as KI has always been under MS. I for one never saw new updates coming, so I’m not counting out hopes of another announcement now. I also think James Goddard gets it, which gives me faith.

Presuming KI will even end up on other systems like PS5 still remains to be seen.

Id rather be pessimistic than give out false optimism. This generation has disappointed more so than delivered on certain promises.

Make no mistake, Im happy that KI at least got an update, but I simply do not trust Microsoft to keep that momentum going. Especially when it seems to me, they have no roadmap or plan going forward. Judging by games like Redfall and Starfield. That should not be the standard.