New "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" Trailer

I have to say, I like the way Carnage looks in this. From the dialogue in the trailer, there seems to be a subtle allusion to the character Knull, which makes me wonder if he’ll be the next big bad in the Marvel Universe.


So between Venom and Carnage, Venom is more of a tolerable AND lovable jackass while Carnage is more of a murderous and destructive sociopath/psychopath, right?

Right, carnage is one of the most disturbing villains to have ever come out of marvel.

Heck the colors of red with abit of black creates a character that is violent, murderous, and down right vile.

Whats really disturbing was that in his story in the comics. the symbiot became red because it entered through Kassidy’s cut giving him a blood red color.


Carnage was an evil f@cker in the comics, probably one of Marvel’s most unrepentant and vicious along with Sabretooth.



Heck there’s literally a list or two of the worst deeds Carnage has done.

In the end Carnage is the epitome of pure evil and at the same time the very literal personification of carnage itself, yes?


That kind of goes without saying.

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Especially sense the very definition is killing large numbers of people. Its in is name.


In a way, Woody Harrelson’s casting as Cledus Kassidy is kind of fitting, not only because of “Natural Born Killers”, but also because his own father had been a hitman.

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Hey guys, get this: Andy Serkis, the British actor known for playing Gollum in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, is the director for this newest AND latest Venom sequel film :grinning: :smiley: :open_mouth: :+1:

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Correct me if I’m wrong here: Venom is, more or less, an ANTI-HERO and Carnage is a straight-up VILLAIN overall

Really? Huh. Interesting.

Pretty much.

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Carnage is also the pure embodiment of absolute evil, yes?
According to movie info, Venom happens to be a lethal protector as well. Do you agree with that detail-assessment or not exactly?

We’d already discussed this. No need to repeat the same thing twice.

Curious now:
Who exactly is this alien symbiote/symbiotic alien organism that inhabits this female host and overall this female character?
There are definitely MORE alien symbiotes/symbiotic alien organisms being shown than just Venom and Carnage, correct?

Huh? What female character? You mean the woman with the banshee-like abilities? I think that’s Shriek, but as far as I recall, she’s not a symbiote host. At least, from what I remember from the comics. I can’t say if that’s going to be the case in this movie, though.

In the comics yes, with Knull being the big bad daddy that rules over them all. The planet that they supposedly inhabit is actually a giant symbiote swarm that’s used to encage him.

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Just found out the symbiote host/alien symbiote that inhabits this female host and overall this female comic book character (named Donna Diego) is called Scream

Scream? I don’t remember seeing her in the trailer. I know Shriek is in it along with Patrick Mulligan (though he does not seem to be Toxin (yet)). Are you talking about the ambulance driver that Riot had possessed in the first movie?

More specifically, I was talking about Scream from the comics/comic books and overall from the Marvel Universe. Also sorry for the little confusion AND misunderstanding there btw