New update crashes and disconnects

Whats going on guys!

KI has become embarrassingly buggy! I’ve had more crashes disconnects and glitches now than I’ve had in the past 3 years in total!

My connection is spot on and I don’t appreciate KI telling me I got disconnected… I didn’t you game hard crashed and closed its self.

I know bugs and glitches happen but the past few days have been horrendous!

If I was a new player is be very disappointed with KIs connectivity.

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I presume they are working on it since there’s a bug in multiplayer that crashes the game, or that you can see all around the forums.

I played some matches lately and haven’t got crashes at all, just one guy using Eagle who got disconnected. The game didn’t crash though in my other matches.
Regarding my time playing KI , S2 was more unstable for me than this last season, I’m not joking, it was very unstable.

Honestly just had 3 crashes in a row… I’m tuning it off and putting Overwatch back on.

It’s so frustrating eagle has been out for a while now there should be fix.

Let’s hope when doom first comes to the xbox version it ain’t crash every time I do a move!

For me season 2 was amazing overall ki has been flawless for me but this update has been a totally mess

I did that when I had that issue . I spend a lot of time playing Gears of War Ultimate before playing KI again.
We just have to wait a little =)

Just a bit patience people :slight_smile:

Afther last update Play on-line for me are a hell.
Lag,bugs…etc etc in all machs.
Its very frustranting Play against another person and cant do nothing because even jump Does not work properly by lag

I would like record a video to show all that its really fun

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