New Upcoming Horror Games Thread

So now what new upcoming horror games are you looking forward to and are interested in as well as ones that caught/piqued your interest and like/want to see more of?

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Agony, and Scorn are currently the new upcoming horror games that I’m quite looking forward to and am interested in as well as caught/piqued my interest and like to see more of at the same time :slight_smile:


Yeah, so, I’m not like into horror at all, so…

Not for me. :fearful:

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I really love the concepts behind Scorn and Agony, especially Scorn. H.R. Geiger inspired visuals are a really quick way to my heart.


I’ll be the one to say it… RE7 looks like complete garbage.

As for upcoming horror? I’m not sure, nothing really stood out that much for me.

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I’m still waiting for Routine to come out some day lol

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Hmm didn’t know about Agony. Looks cool. Is that the Darkest Dungeon narrator?

(cough) (cough)

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Friday The 13th

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 2 Remake


Oh yeah, another new upcoming horror game that I forgot to put AND mention:

Outlast 2

On the plus side this game is back in development.

Oh and also this

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Love Horror games.

But i only enjoy 1 type: First person, Scare-based, atmospheric horror. 3rd person, or multiplayer, or story-based is just so wrong to me.

PT did it right, and now everyone wants to be “The new PT”. I NEED PT to come back in some form. Even if its in 5 years When Hideo Kojima builds it back up from scratch.

Most horror games, especially indie ones, just dont cut it for me. I want to be SCARED!

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So Allison Road wasn’t canceled after all? It was just delayed? Just experienced setbacks, that’s all?

Well it was cancelled but its now back. but they had to make a some changes to the game.

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Oh yeah, I remember now. So thanks for the reminder as well as heads-up there, Lewis. Appreciate it too :slight_smile:

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In your case, you can now look forward to these new upcoming horror games: Outlast 2, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Scorn, and Agony as well as Allison Road and Visage :wink:


I do not share your sentiment.

For your case, in turn, you overall HATE horror games, yes?

I played a bit of the demo for Outlast 2. At first I was ready to have a good laugh with a jumpy scary thing.
Then I found out it’s rather… Close to home. Knowing that it’s set basically where I live was pretty spooky. And it started layering on some atmosphere and I started seeing eyes peering out from the darkness through the window, all the while a woman (presumably your wife from the intro) is somewhere out there screaming in pain… That kinda got to me. :grimacing:
Gonna probably do a run through the demo on Halloween with the girlfriend. I’m tempted to start buying horror games, but I’m rarely in a situation where I can get my moneys worth.

What do you mean by story based? Something like evil within with a bunch of cutscenes? I can’t imagine loving a horror game without an interesting, compelling story

NO not evil within.

I meant games like 5 Nights at Freddy’s.

Hear me out on this.

The game DID NOT look like it was very deep at the start. It was just another “jumpscare indie game”. But then, right when people were getting bored, it added a story. How do you add story to a game about scary animatronics??? That seems ridiculous. No one could take that seriously. BUT SOMEHOW THEY DID IT, AND IT WAS AWESOME! There was 1 moment in that game when my jaw dropped and i decided this was my favorite indie horror game. (Blurred to prevent spoilers)

When i found out that the animatronics were the Kids’ souls seeking revenge.

I was like “HOLY ■■■■”!

The game got to be a little over-the-top and confusing with the complicated easter eggs being the main source of story telling, but some day, i hope to catch up on it. i got lost a little after the 3rd or 4th game.