New training modes hinted for next update?

Now this is all just speculation , but yesterday Maximilian Dood uploaded a gargos guide

What I noticed was that he was using training mode on a different stage . Could this be some kind of hit for a training mode update ? It wouldn’t be the first time max has hinted something in one of his videos . Back in 22 Dec 2015 he uploaded a video on combo assist using the new graphic engine (it was the first time it was shown in gameplay)

So what do you guys think ?

Training on a different stage would be great! It has always bothered me since S1 that it was limited to just a separate stage. It would make practicing ultras more fun with the actual sounds and noises.

Except that he stated in the comments of that video that it’s actually a dev build of the game used for testing characters and features, not training mode.:kissing:

I would prefer Training Stage selectable for matches.

Well ■■■■

I wonder why they only limited it to training stage for training mode…then again SFIV did that too.

Oh goodness no. The decision to keep training stage for training mode is one of the best decisions the devs ever made

If I wasn’t on the 1P side I’d probably see nothing but training stage…