New tool idea pitch

So at the killer instinct world cup i asked keits what the point was of some of sadiras new tools where.He said that the changes where for her to be “more annoying”,and now thinking of some of the stuff sadira has and looking at her air normals I’ve realized that all of her jumping normals besides her jumping light kick has no potential currently. I know that she would be ALOT more annoying if her air light kick was a flip out .

Imagine this : Anti air your opponent with forward HK >m.kunai>flip out>cancel the flip out into a web cling to get back in then hit your opponent with air normal and continue the pressure. She would continue to live up her annoying arch type and stay on you longer so that she can stack up her damage .It will also help her reset characters after racking up the slight potential damage from her juggles. But it would be a huge risk because sadiras web cling won’t always be saved to stay in the air when your opponent lands. Equal risk,equal reward.


I could probably get behind this, taking into account the hit she took in damage output. But then again, her reset potential is already so damn high while in instinct, that I’m not sure she should have a flipout as well…