New to the Tournament Sceene

I am looking to start attending tournaments for KI. The problem is, I am not that good. Other than just playing ranked matches, does anyone who goes to tournys have any advice on how to train to improve your game play?

RIght now I main Fulgore and am trying to learn Hisako, Cinder, Maya, and I used to main Wufl prior to Fulgore being released.

First thing is to buy a monitor whether you’re good or not. If you’re not playing on one now, you will do very bad come day of the tournament because the timing is so much different than playing on a standard TV of any size. Game modes on TVs is nowhere the same timing as playing on a monitor.

will any computer monitor due, and also is there any special thing I would need to do to set it up?

“Don’t stick to Ranked. Get in sets of Exhibition matches with good players.” --The advice of every high-level player ever

Seriously, just about every time the Beatdown crowns a new champion and Zombie asks them to give their protips, this is at the top of the list. There must be something to it. Try messaging players of roughly your skill level on Ranked and asking to get some sets in with them; or hit people up on the forums, or via some social media avenue or something.

It’s also probably worthwhile to check around to see if there is a group of Fulgore specialists who share tech and train together and coordinate themselves somewhere. Last I checked @C88DevilJin01 is a Fulgore main, he might be able to point you in the right direction in this regard. Obviously same applies for other characters you play.

I guess the other obvious advice, throw yourself into the online tournaments. 8BBD, Murderwear Madness, etc. They advertise here on these forums and elsewhere, they’re often weekly events, and they’re generally free to enter, so why not just add yourself to a pool and see how you do? Not only can you get experience with the tournament format there, but you might also be able to connect with other competitive players there for sets and tech sharing and whatnot. Obviously it’s worth going to offline events wherever you can (and it should make making aforementioned connections easier if you do), but online you won’t run into aforementioned monitor lag issues, and really, you’re lucky the game you’re picking up has awesome netcode and a thriving online tournament scene, and you’d be a fool not to take advantage of that.

Also, I hate to say this, but to actually keep tabs on the scene properly, you probably have to be on Twitter, and put up with the garbage people fling back and forth on there. It’s just where people go to blurt out the latest news about the competitive scene first. As much as we do manage to get some tech and balance discussion in here, this place seems to’ve largely been relegated to casual debate over canon and game modes and whatnot, undoubtedly because twatting out 140 characters of tech into a vacuum for maybe none of the right people to notice is more effective than typing a long-form piece into the relevant section of a proper forum and then having a bunch of idiots hijack your thread with raving misinformation about how your character needs to be nerfed. :weary:
Players also have facebook groups, obviously Twitch is a big deal, a fair bit of tech ends up on Youtube, etc. Basically go where competitive players are discussing and doing things.

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Thanks @Fnrslvr, that’s a lot of information, but really good stuff.

This pulled an honest belly laugh out of me. :laughing: