New to KI in 2019? check this out

Here’s a general starter package of stuff to check out if you’re curious about Killer Instinct. Anyone can feel free to copy/paste/share this info compilation to help others get into KI!

This game is free to play (includes the character Jago, and rotates a new character weekly). It’s on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC via the Windows Store, and is often on sale for as low as $10. (normal price is $40)

Best comprehensive online guide (works well on mobile too) -
Official Killer Instinct forum -
Facebook page with arguably the most KI action - Killer Instinct Ultimate Fans Groups -

SYSTEM MECHANICS (long vids, but pretty entertaining!)
basics and mechanics -
ultras, counter breakers -

COMBO SYSTEM (short vids to get you right into it)
from offensive perspective -

from the defensive perspective -

These are roughly hour long in depth character breakdowns found on the official youtube channel of Killer Instinct or Iron Galaxy, and were usually first streamed on Twitch.

Season 1 characters were done by Double Helix and Microsoft Studios, so it may be harder to find the original reveal streams for the following characters:
Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Orchid, Sadira, Spinal, and Fulgore.

For those characters, I’d recommend just checking Sajam’s breakdowns found here:

TJ Combo was released as a preview of Season 2, and was the first character developed by Iron Galaxy, who replaced Double Helix.
TJ Combo -

Here are the following Season 2 characters:
Maya -
Kan-Ra -
Riptor pt1 -
Riptor pt2 -
Aganos -
Omen -
Hisako -
Shadow Jago (Shago) -
Cinder -
Aria -

Rash was released as a preview of Season 3
Rash -

Here are the rest of Season 3 characters including guest characters!
Tusk -
Kim Wu pt1 -
Kim Wu pt2 -
General Raam (Gears) -
Mira -
Arbiter (Halo) -
Gargos -
Eyedol -

Post Season 3 characters
Kilgore -
Shin Hisako -
Eagle -

Here’s Shin Hisako putting in work at Combo Breaker 2018 -

Here’s Eagle giving a beatdown at Combo Breaker 2018 -

In general, to see characters played optimally (in most cases), check out tournament footage. Due to patches and bugs, the more recent the tourney, the more likely you’ll actually be to do what you see. Texas Showdown, Combo Breaker, CEO, KIT, NEC, NCR, SCR, Absolute Battle, KI World Cup, etc. Here’s Combo Breaker’s 2018 - Top 24 playlist -

This is a hilarious short vid that covers TJ Combo -

Again, Sajam’s channel covers all characters including the Season 1 characters -

Zipstar aka Zipmaster Flex - did some cool character breakdowns with character specialists

The following 2 are a bit older, but still good:

True Under Dawg Gaming also has decent vids -

Maximilian Dood does Week Of’s of all characters -

Hope this helps!