New to KI, but not fighting games. Lf info

Hit me up sometime! Let’s get some games

Not much I could teach you either since you’re a seasoned fighter - unless it’s specific to KI. Still, I like the challenge a battle toad offers. If you thought the tunnel was tough, then you haven’t seen anything yet - my mountain man will crush you. :imp:

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Hahaha. Always up for a challenge.

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You got time for it post-Super Bowl?

I should be on.

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Allow me to also suggest It is a thorough guide of the game. You probably will not need the breakdown of game mechanics and fighting strategy but the character specific pages will likely provide some insight into the tech you’re looking for, as well as the character types and strategies that will suit you outside of Rash.

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I would’ve told him the same, but he already knows about it, as indicated by a previous post.

Replay thread is always a good place to visit if you want some advice on your play:

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Scheisse! I missed that one, tiny sentence in the OP. Never mind then.

Welcome to KI! Glad you’re enjoying it! Bring some more of your SF/Capcom buddies over too! :smiley:

Here are some Rash players to look out for:

OS Aphex -

Empr Menzo -

lxn3arxl -

Here’s a Rash general character breakdown -

Lastly, lookout for Zipstar’s character breakdown series (Rash hasnt been done yet fyi) -


I concur! Do this, @ayowatup!

Sadly KI doesn’t have online gaming. Would be good sparing with players like you.

What!? You can play KI online! I do it all of the time!

Side note: I’m really getting exposed after reaching killer, lol. Didn’t realize there were so many characters that I had never played against!

I need to learn manuals, shadow counters, and have to stop trying to combo break immediately.

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I can help you with all of that, but every time I checked to see if you’re online, you’re not. What’s a good time for you (in eastern time)?

Around 930 pm est. I’m on pc and I am quite unfamiliar with the games for windows interface. But I should be on around then.

Sounds good, although I’m on Xbox, which might make it harder to connect.

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Online training*
Sorry for the typo.


Oh, well, in that case I hold online training sessions on the regular. Hit me up sometime.

Focus on this one first. This will get you absolutely murdered against competent players. Try not to break for the most part unless you actually recognize what’s hitting you.

And welcome to KI :slight_smile: