New TJ Combo, advice apreciated :D

Hi guys, I just started playing this awesome game. And thanks to some good advice from the community I’m getting into this game with TJ Combo as my main and only hero for the moment.

I really like this guy and even if I’ve played like 50 matches and only won 3 I just can’t get enough.

If anyone of you have some good advice to a beginner like me with this fella, I would be very grateful


Glad you’re enjoying the game, Did you need help with anything specific?

We have a TJ Combo Trainer Here:
(As well as about 15 people who would love to help you learn the fundamentals)


Great list I’ll make sure to link it to new players!

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See Flutter? Told ya. :smile:

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Hello Ostrich, thanks for the good advice.

I’m enjoying this game a lot.

I’m glad! I am actually the TJ Combo trainer Fluttershy mentioned. If there is anything TJ related you need help in, feel free to ask! :smile:

I’m in some situations when I’m blocking a serious of atacks and when the dude stops atacking and I can punish him…I don’t know how to take advantage of those couple frames. I know I could just poke it with something, but I want to take advantage of what TJ can do on those situations

It depends on spacing. Best thing to do up close is to grab, or go for a Raw tremor, to catch them hitting a button. Usually, Powerline is your best bet, as all of TJ’s mixup potential as well as a big part of his gameplan stems from this move. You can also try and poke them out a bit, see what they do, then react to the situation. Anything from an uppercut, to a Knee, to a tremor Recapture.

TJ Combo is a Hard-Read Character. Meaning, it’s hard sometimes to get in, but once you get that momentum, he’s an unstoppable, Ground-shaking, Punching Machine. :slight_smile:

If you’d like, I can upload a video of a match with me using TJ, so you can see how I move, and possibly learn from that, or get an idea? I’d be willing to do that. :smile:

Thanks Man,

I appreciate the advice. I have little knowledge of the game right now, but I’ve noticed how TJ has a good set of tools to comeback from some nasty situations, and his punches are kind of hard to read.

One thing that I noticed is the amount of resources he has to cover a wide distance into the opponents face, I kind of like enjoy that trolololololo momentum XD

Lol TJ is that guy that’s all up in your face, and won’t let you breathe XD

His momentum is one of the best in the game!

Feel free to poke him with something. (Almost) all normals in KI are cancelable, so if your button hits you’re basically guaranteed a full combo. Poke punishes in this game are legit because of that.

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Thanks for the information, I wasn’t aware of the cancelable normal. This changes a lot of the strategies I’m learning

I’m new too here’s what I learned about TJ combo so far… I will have a mix-up video soon


Nice video, appreciated :smiley:

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Hello guys , do you have any advice on how to deal with jumping jagos as TJ Combo?

@TheNinjaOstrich @rexnjay

Hey, @RafaMang! Here to help! :smile:

Usually the best thing to do, is roll right under them and go for something.

But if your Jumping Jago knows that, he will try and hit you. Remember, TJ’s Shadow Vortex now has Invincible frames, so you can catch them out of the air if you time it right. If they are just jumping, Raw Tremor out of nowhere can catch them, or you can tag them in the air with TJ’s Aerial Target Combos, then juggle afterward.

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You can do a heavy Tremor and catch them out of the sky. Tremor also works well as a punish if they try to dragon punch repeatedly. As NinjaOstrich said Shadow Vortex is a great way to knock them out of the air as well.

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Welcome! Good starter video for TJ! I’ve been showing people how to play TJ offline I do need to sit down and edit some vids soon. Keep it up.


Nice, I’ll try that now.

Can you explain more about aerial target combos?