New Thumbstick Command

I’ve noticed in Shadow Lords that flicking the thumbstick to the right now issues the taunt command. Previously both horizontal motions issued the two medium buttons. I’m assuming this is done to activate consumables more fluidly during combat.

One issue I have experienced happened when trying to use a consumable. I waited to get into a combo before using the 15 seconds of shadow meter consumable. When I pressed the thumbstick to the right, the consumable activated as expected, but my character also performed a counter breaker (both mediums). I think all instances of both mediums should be removed from the right press and kept on the left press so something like this won’t happen. Because as it stands I would have been able to do what I wanted by just pressing the taunt button, but that creates an inconsistency where I may want to use one input over the other depending on if I’m in a combo or not.


I posted this in another thread, but I would like to see item use moved to the combo of 3P+3K and taunt kept on select or vice versa.

This happened to me SO MUCH during my first shadow lords run, very irritating.


no 3P+3K would be terrible, accidental inputs all over the place with certain characters.

How so? You would only need to press two buttons as 3p and 3k would each be mapped to a single button each. It’s not any more difficult than hitting LP+LK, MP+MK, or HP+HK are already without getting errant attacks.
See here:
Consumable item input issue

I find it extremely difficult to press a heavy in addition to a non-heavy. That’s because the triggers are hard to judge in comparison to the face buttons. I keep both heavies to LT and RT, and it’s really hard to judge trying to combine that with a face button.

In that link I suggested that as an option you could choose between, but primarily for stick users where the select button is puropsely designed to be out of the way.

The need for an extra button function is awkward so some sort of option where you can choose the most comfortable for the player would be the best solution. A 3P+3K option would be welcome.

So you want people to mash every button on the controller or do you want 3P or 3K combo command?

The raw command would be all 6 buttons, so that would technically work, but you wouldn’t need to do that since there are already mappings for 3P and 3K, so you would only need to hit those two buttons.
Please see the link I posted above for a visual of what I mean.

It would be just like SFV is now. Taunt in SFV is actually all 6 buttons. If you have the two extra buttons set to 3P and 3K, you only need to hit those two.

Allowing that combo to do something would free up an input. Whether 3P+3K is taunt or item use could be a user selection.

Being able to use the face buttons would be a huge improvement for stick users in SL. Taunt is pointless, but triggering a consumable quickly is important. Some sticks like the Hori Rap make finding the select button a pain. It’s small and recessed a under a long ridge on the right side in a row of identical buttons. Really awkward.