New Thor Ragnarok


This trailer was pretty cool.I’m genuinely hopeful for this one, the first two were kinda bland.

Yeah, this trailer is pretty boss. Each trailer has me more excited for this movie, and it’s Coke a long way since the first teaser. I’m more interested than ever. Plus, isn’t Dr. Strange supposed to be in this too?

Although the trailer is great and the movie seems overall interesting… I have a problem with it

This film is largely based in “Planet Hulk”. Anyone who read it can see the planet, Caeira “alike” character, the gladiator arena…

But this would be great for a Hulk movie. As “Thor” movie, this seems pretty off to me when speaking about Ragnarok.

So far, the plot seems to be “This evil characters is going to cause Ragnarok, so let’s move the action into a non-nordic mithology scenario, where you can’t see anything related to Asgard and it’s mythos.”

I’m going to enjoy it, for sure… but I would enjoy it more if “Ragnarok” wasn’t part of the title

Yes, although I can imagine that his relationship with this film will be a small one

Obviously I’m hyped about Ragnarok. :wink:

The problem is that Universal Studios (I think thats the one) have the rights to a solo Hulk movie. And well, a lot of people who are familiar with the source material want a Planet Hulk movie and I think this is a great way to make it happen.

The thing is, this is a shared movie universe, and every movie released in it even more so, to the point where probably only origin stories dont have cameo’s from other heroes. Even Spider-Man homecoming has Iron Man in it, and that is a big deviation from the comic origin, hell, even all his highschool friends in the movie are a mish mash of supporting characters from different ‘Spider-Men’. And honestly, it was the best Spider-Man movie I have ever seen.

As long as they connect everything in a believable manner and make it fit the character and universe I’m fine with it. Some new elements like in Homecoming actually made it feel fresh, so when done right, I say go for it, its nice to be surprised sometimes too, right?

I just eat my popcorn and enjoy the show. It’s not Citizen Kane. I suspect they did this because past Hulk movies have been a disaster and because the title Hulk and Thor, on the Road didn’t test well.

One of the reasons I prefer Marvel to D.C. Is that they are aware that these movies come from kids cartoons about spandex wearing men who punch a lot. That doesn’t mean the characters don’t have emotion or development, just that they don’t pretend it’s anything other than what it is.

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Its like the movie Logan, awesome movie, nothing like the comic story, except the premise, and it worked out great


I agree, they smartly develop the characters, but they never forget the fun that its all about.

Also, they pick great directors and have a secret weapon in Sarah Halley Finn (marvel casting director).

Having seen guardians 2 and the newest Thor and Black Panther trailers they have also upped their game in the use of colors in these movies, they seem to ‘pop’ more on the newer projects.

Ragnarok is definitely intended to bridge the gap between the Avengers and the Guardians movies. The music and rock album cover aesthetic matche Guardians much more than Avengers and I’m sure it’s deliberate.

This idea is further reinforced by the description of the Infinity War footage shown a SDCC.

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Love the 80’s aesthetic and motif that they’re going for.

Honestly it kinda makes me think of the 90’s He-man



Here’s how the director went about incorporating Planet Hulk into the Thor movie.

“One difference is we have the Grandmaster ruling Sakaar instead of the Red King, and so there’s those things, but I don’t really play that much attention to it. I’m trying to create cool characters and tone and story instead of it has to be totally authentic to the comic, because I think that’s when you run into trouble when you can’t be creatively free to adjust things.”


Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the movies beinig different from the comics. I’m ok with some some changes to make characters more interesting, or since they have limited space and time, skip some parts of their origin or create new ones

My “problem” with Thor: Ragnarok is not that.

My “problem” with Thor: Ragnarok is that seems to be less “Thor” and more “anything else”.

First, the scenario. Sakaar, instead of Asgard, or something related to Asgard. Ragnarok arc contains enough plot devices to be one on its own. Instead of Hela invading Asgard and exiling Thor to another planet, he could be exiled to Hel/Niflheim, where he must face long forgotten warriors who died long ago, like his ancestors. With the help of Doctor Strange, a plane traveller, he could find help in an odd ally, the unpredictable Hulk. Then they would return Asgard to face Hela

Instead, we have an scenario which has nothing to do with Ragnarok. I understand they have problems for Hulk movies, but if you want to use Sakaar, just name the film “Thor: Arena”, or “Thor: Gladiator” or something like that.

This movie seems to be organised in “Movie starts in Asgard, villain appears and throws Thor away, Thor finds allies in a different place and must overcome some challenges before going back to Asgard, Thor faces the villain where everything started”. So the Ragnarok theme is the begining and the ending, but nothing among the central part of the movie seems to speak about Ragnarok.

It’s like if Avengers 2 was named “Avengers 2: civil war”. There were parts of the movie were the Avengers were divided and they challenged each others, but that wasn’t the central part of the movie. Ultron was the central part, so the name reflected that. Ragnarok seems to be a plot device to make the things start rolling, not the theme of the film, and that’s my issue. Ragnarok is rich enough to be a self centerd arc for a movie, and seems like a waste to me.

Also, since Guardians of the Galaxy succeed, it seems that this movie moved from “Asgardian mythos” to “back to the 80-90’s!”. Which was great for Guardians, but doesn’t seem to fit that well with Thor. Guardians were unique. Hope that this remains, and suddenly, not all Marvel movies are flavored with the 80’s essence. That would make them less unique

Don’t get me wrong @Draigh. I will enjoy the movie. I have enjoyed all Marvel movies to some degree, just being dissapointed with Ironman 3 and Avengers 2. Overall, Marvel is doing an amazing job with their cinematic universe. And I know this will be a funny movie to watch.

My only concern is that they may be going too far in terms of giving Thor movies other ambientation which doesn’t fit the character

Looks like a really cool and neat film I must say :slight_smile:

No biggie, to each there own :grin:

I still believe the arena part is maybe 30 minutes of the movie in a ‘road of self discovery’ for Thor (The story is still revolving around his world). That he ends up on Sakaar is an added bonus and a recognisable way to add his buddy Hulk to his team and at the same time giving fans ‘Planet Hulk’ which we might otherwise never see.

Regardless of planet hulk, from the avenger movie we have seen that Thor and Hulk have great chemistry, so thats why its not a stretch to include him, and why not through Planet Hulk then, which we otherwise would probably never get.

The Ragnarok storyline from the comics really doesnt work as a faithful filmadaption, comics usually dont transfer faithfully and I dont mind, because they can do something so much more or at least different on film, and truthfully, I would rather be surprised with ‘what’ they do with the source material then see a frame by frame reproduction (thats why Beauty and the Beast never interested me last year, looked just like the animated movie). And to me this just seems like a true and logical continuation of the movie universe, which is so big at the moment, we really shouldnt be looking to much to the comics at all except for general ideas in my opinion.

Also, keep in mind, Captain America Cival War wasnt strictly a Captain America movie, even if that was its name, and thats ok, because like the director says, you shouldnt let small things like that limit your vision. Regardless, I have faith in Taika Waititi, he’s a very gifted director.

Anyways, too much talk, just my opinion, just passionate about it :sunglasses: