New "Tekken: Bloodline" Anime Series Announced!

Tekken: Bloodline: First look at new anime based on Tekken games (

Apparently this will explore Jin’s story from “Tekken 3” onward.

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takes place in Tekken 3 by the looks of it. I kn ow Jeffron27 is hyped. Because his fav character makes the spotlight.


Question is will he have 8 snakes or one snake for an arm

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It’ll be interesting to see. I’m glad to see my man King making his appearance. I hope this show is good, if not great.

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Paul Phoenix and Leroy Smith will also be in the all-new Tekken anime series :slight_smile: :grin: :+1: :fire:

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I expect it sense Paul has been in every game sense the first. He might give us some laughs too.


Along with his best pal/buddy Marshall Law and probably even Marshall’s son Forest Law, yes? :wink:

It does take place in Tekken 3 so we might be seeing forest law with marshall law probably showing up as a side character

Assuming it isn’t focusing soley on Jin that is.

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Speaking about him, he was originally a serious, no-nonsense character who eventually turned into an overall comic relief character in the Tekken series, correct?

Do you think Xiaoyu will join Jin and above all will appear in Tekken: Bloodline as well by any chance?

Yeah, I hated what they did to him in the games. He’s a cool character.


I just hope the show is good, if not great, just because “Tekken” the animated movie sucked along with “Blood Vengeance” while the live-action version was mediocre.

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Not sure Lore was shoved with so much of the Mishima lore that I almost forgot the other stuff.

I did find out that they brought armor king back by having his twin brother show up.

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