New Teaser Trailer for "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire"

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The new character is based on an Orangutan with the arms.

My guess people are saying he is the Next antagonist.

Makes ya wonder if we will see more monsters

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It looks really interesting honestly. I’m just very slightly disappointed that we apparently aren’t going to get more of Toho’s og kaijus (I was kind of looking forward to Space Godzilla or Gigan as an antagonist) but I’m totally cool with our new ocean-eyed orange boy here.
They did a good job implying just how terrifying this kaiju-slayer monke is, which makes me wonder what his backstory will be.
A former alpha or perhaps an ambitious kaiju who doesn’t accept Godzilla’s new reign. An exciting premise, in any case.

Oh so he isn’t Legendary’s original kaiju?


Space Godzilla would have been awesome imo; even though his debut movie wasn’t great, I’ve always thought the character has enormous potential imo, especially considering his psychic abilities.

Interesting. I can’t say that there ever has been an Orangutan-based kaiju. At least, one that I recall. I just hope that the movie itself is good, if not great.


I always look forward to returning classics as well as new monsters.


Exactly and imo he would fit well into the Monsterverse since Ghidorah’s literally an alien so Space G could be related to them somehow.


Indeed. I just hope it doesn’t go this route:

First time I watched this, I was howling with laughter. XD

Theres a reason why it would not work. Thats why it did not show up.
As this would tell you

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