New "Street Fighter" Movie in Development

‘Street Fighter’ Movie Reboot Continues Hollywood’s Most Exciting New Trend (

I hope they have the balls to make it a disconnected anthology style movie where there a multiple plotlines that don’t come together in any real way because realistically the Ryu/Ken/Akuma plotline and the Chun-Li/Guile/Shadaloo plotline don’t have any reason to connect with eachother.

I’ll be keeping my expectations realistic. I hear the Mario movie did well but that’s because Nintendo put a tight lid on anything that diverges from the games,

So 'll be keeping an eye out.

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An anthology might work, but personally, I’d rather they just use the tournament aspect from 2 and just keep it sort of simple ala the first “Mortal Kombat” movie.

Yeah, it’s not great, though. The SM movie was at best a 5 or 6 out of 10, although probably a 5 all things considered.

The tournament angle makes it inherently way too complicated because then you have so many characters that need spotlighting and development.

Not really. One doesn’t need to include thirty characters for a single movie. In SF2, there were only 8 playable characters, which is perfectly workable for a film. Of course, later editions included more characters, but still, just so long as the number isn’t outrageous like, say, 20 or 50. It’s possible to tell a concentrated story with a martial arts film, but it should be done well.

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Well I hear it did well because it was appealing to fans of the games. I’m looking forward to it personally, and excited.

I’m pretty sure It’d be like the animated movie. Plot A: follows Ryu and Plot B follows Chun-Li and Guile trying to brig down bison.

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It has tons of easter eggs for fans of the games, even for “Donkey Kong” fans, but the movie should not even be titled “Super Mario Bros”; if anything, this is much more of a Princess Peach movie, with Mario being the plucky sidekick. Kids might find it entertaining, but even comparing it to some of the Disney animated features that were of better quality, this was a generic disappointment with a Mario Bros skin and LOTS of moments of cringe. It has a charming art style and world that heavily resembles a lot of the games, but the writing is garbage and soulless, depressingly so. Like, corporatized fanfiction levels of bad.

I’m fine with that idea, just so long as the movie does it better than the SF2 animated film (talk about another disappointment).