New Shadow Lords

We got Gargos, who’s reborn as a badass demonic gargoyle. In the form of Baphomet.

EDIT: And now with the return of Eyedol who is now a sliced-headed cave troll/ogre.

But wonder what new threats the heroes can take on? And minions who will serve them?

Imagine a minotaur wielding a labrys axe.

Why do I have a feeling you inspired that from Persona 4 Arena?

Was thinking of someone’s design & gameplay mixed of…

  • Motaro
  • Shao Kahn
  • Astaroth
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Interesting, but are you talking about in the same game or in a possible sequel?

Mostly sequels!

The most villain I can think of for future KIs is someone who desires to become a god. Somewhere in the lines of Superman, Mandarin & Thanos. But… do you all remember the Fatal Fury motion picture?

Any more future villains in mind?

We got ARIA for an AI with a robot body. And Gargos who is a demon.

With Gargos & Eyedol both Shadow Lords.

Will we expect more someday?