New Season Every Year

That’s what I want.

I cannot imagine things without monthly new character announcements.

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Even if we get a season 4, they’ll have to stop sometime. At least with character development.
Maybe future seasons will just consist of new costumes, accessories, colors, stages, music, etc.



As much as I would like to see it keep going as well, I think that @xCrimsonLegendx is right - there’s going to come a point where it’s going to be really hard for the devs to create a character that’s going to be wholly original and/or unique.

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Friendly,I don’t think so. I think that we live in a new era of fighting games. Characters now are much more complicated thus much more unique. In previous times characters were more simple thus there were limited developement options. It is like before they were able to count to 10 and now they can do it to 100. Where you had character 9, now you can have 90 to 99. And imagination never stops. I know that they will struggle but i think that they can make a couple more seasons with new characters, plus stages, accessories, new modes and all.

Unfortunately, though, the more complicated characters get, the longer they take to make. So while I think IG could keep going with a Seasonal formula, I think there’s a point where it’s just better to upgrade to a new engine that can handle new modes, costumes, etcetera, much easier than Havok.

Characters are complicated enough but not that much that it would be imposible for devs to make them. Who is the most complicated char? Riptor? 4-5 special moves are enough to make a chars gameplay complete different. Plus unique moves, plus normals, Voila! They have already done it before. I am sure that they can give us 2 more seasons with new characters.

I don’t know what an engine upgrade could offer. To my eyes the game looks good and functions good. I don’t know how engines work. If there was to be a next gen upgrade with a new game OK. But the next gen consoles are only whispers right now and that means they are at least three years away. Between these years we can have our seasons.

I’m with you in so much as I don’t want to see this game end. But at some point, this iteration will stop. A game of 26 is hard to balance, without adding more and more. KI’s base exists in all characters being more or less equal in a fight and that will have to be sacrificed if the numbers keep increasing. Ideally, we get a shortened 4th season with 4 characters to round off at 30, and stages/other goodies to compensate for the value lost in characters. Then the next iteration on the next gen Xbox if there is one in a couple of years time.

About balance: first, i believe balance is not that important except extreme cases. Second, this game gives us 8-9 characters every year. It is much easier to be balanced in that rythm. Third, practically the balance issue is solved by giving all characters wider range of moves(week, strong, fast, slow) so the dicision goes to the player. They may look OP but in fact the game is better balanced.

The game launched with 8 characters. Way fewer than any other fighting game. That means that its third season is on FG comparison like its first. This game is created to live longer.

If you learn 8 characters each year it is much easier to be familiar with a 40 character roster. Like, think how much aware are we of the season 1 and 2 characters. Even with the rebalance.

Well the good news is that

A) Even after they’re done with new characters, that doesn’t mean they’ll have given up on the game. Lots of fighters that haven’t had new content in forever still get regular patches and maintenance if the community is there.

B) It has become a strong enough brand again that, even if this is the last season, I doubt it’s the last we’ll hear of KI.