New Samurai character

I would like to see a modern-day samurai in killer instinct . This samurai is out to silence Hisako.

Hisako should be the samurai’s ancestor.

My modern-day samurai ideas

  • this character does not block only Perry’s and reversals. This character should be focused on speed so taping back and crouching down is essential. By holding back each of the opponents hits the samurai character will put their hand up or leg up accordingly and is capable of a reversal

  • A projectiles can be thrown back by just tapping back and the sword taps project out back towards the enemy. This characters projectiles consist of a crossbow or a bow and arrow ( modern-day style )

  • instinct mode summons a second spirit sword

  • main accessories should be modernized samurai armor, while the classic version of this character has old-school style samurai armor

These are just base ideas I would love to see the developers get crazy with. Thanks for the read.

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What about it’s pop culture?

Didn’t know Samurai’s had pop cultures :slight_smile:

Sake? Karaoke? Geisha’s?

Those are pretty bad azz!! Love how you threw Samanoské in there lol.

Those would be ideal for classic accessories. I don’t know if you ever saw the movie " The last samurai "? They had cool armor

But these are cool too:

And this is a modern Samurai :

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But how will a true samurai character fit in KI? Like you said, he’s one of Hisako’s descendants.

Hisako feels like KI’s Bishamon or Hsien-Ko.

True story is told after the Japanese civil war all samurai fled or tribes broke up.(true life fact in the Japanese text books)

this tribe might have stuck together.

Hisako is related by blood but shes centuries older than this Samurai. A story(of hisako) was told to this Samurai about his ancestors.
this Samurai is born this generation not Hisakos generation. some of hisakos siblings in a different village manage to survive and centuries later this samurai is born.

But Hisako was born during the Sengoku or Edo periods right?

And the samurai… Boshin War?

yes but she had other family members that lived like cousins for example

Real life Example: when I live in Arizona i knew a girl that was legibly related to Billy the kid.

I don’t remember the name of the war but it was the rise of a modern Japan (it maybe the Boshin War)

I always thought omen should’ve gotten a samurai armor accessory to fill that possessed armor look.

Agree he already has the face lol

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I forgot about Mitsurugi

I would like for a modern guy to be a samurai. Not clad in feudal armour, but something modern, letting his skills do the talking.

Some examples:

(I know he wields guns, just ignore them)

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Don’t forget Silver Samurai’s modern!

There’s always Wolverine-based too.

Mutsurugi by far has the best move set in any sword fighting game.

Almost forgot how good that series is

Silver Samurai is clad in feudal-looking armour. That’s what I didn’t want.

I really don’t like Dante’s remake look lol

There’s alot of others to choose from. I personally like it though. ^^

Idk maybe it’s the hair. Old school Dante was my favorite

Fair enough. ^^