New Riptor shenanigans!

Got some cool new stuff ya did with Riptor’s new moves? post em’ here!

I am doing CG-> Flame Manual -> CG -> Mortar -> Flame Carpet. That way they have to be subject to the flame carpet AND mortar on wakeup. Also works on hard knockdowns but less effective as you can shoot the mortar before they have to fall and get quickstand. Another thing I’ve been doing is flipout -> C+HK or H+Tailflip. They can get lost in the confusion.

EDIT: Just found Riptor can mortar after ultra for style leading into a shadow tailflip. Gets better and better!

Epic stuff freind!

On hard knockdowns, flame carpet then 1 mortar is really safe unless your opponent has a dp or meter with a projectile invulnerable move.

Also, setting up flame carpet into run back then run forward into r.HK catches a lot of people and puts them into a stagger state.

if you land a flame carpet, you can do 1 mortar and still get a combo. with lk or maybe mk.

most of the time continuing the combo pushes them out of the mortar, so i dunno what can be done here.

If you go for standing far HK instead of the lk/mk, you’ll drop the combo but pull them in (if they block) or keep them still (if they get hit). Most people will try to punish and lose out because you’re plus for 6-7 frames depending on how fast you can confirm, and HK has a 11 frame startup (I think).

I’m gonna double check all of this when I get home in a few hours.