New Player - Need Help

Just started KI a day ago and figured I’d punish myself and do some ranked. I’m already noticing some match up problems that I can’t figure out. Any help is appreciated:

-Sadira: How do I deal with the height she gets on her jumps? s.HP can’t reach it and she just webs (whatever it’s called) onto me and is either combo’ing or I’m having to block string.

-Sabrewulf: I noticed I can’t keep out that well with f.MP for the most part because he’ll either slide under or there are too many hits for the deflect.

-Shadow Jago: I haven’t found a good way to counter his dive kicks. s.HP has too long of a start up for AA and I can’t react DP quick enough.

-Orchid: Her slides seems not easily punishable on block. I know it’s probably just me. Anyone know of a good punish for it?

-Mira: She throws out her three bats and then jumps into an overhead. Am I suppose to just sit and block it all? Can’t think of a way to counter this.


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For Sabrewulf,just block and wait for a chance. For Shago,block the dive kick and punish. Orchid,the slide is not punishable ubles you are General Raam. Mira’Shadow Charge goes throw projectiles.

If it helps, watch some of my matches on youtube.

DPs and anti airs work against sadira, keep her grounded. Block a lot against shago, plenty of his moves are punishable on block.

It’s punishable by anyone who has a 7 frame medium or anything faster, I’m pretty sure.

Really? I could’ve sworn it was minus 2. Well nvm then.

That’s the shadow version.

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Makes sense. I was letting Orchid players get awayw ith it all the time :frowning:

Welcome to the forums! We hope you get some stuff out of your stay.

Use the crouching fierce anti air. Better option and you’ll stay where you are

Be sparing when you use this. You’re probably better off using his other normals for better range.

Again, I’d probably suggest crouching fierce.

All depends on the range of where she lands. Go into the practice mode as Orchid and turn on the attack data. Perform her slides and mark down how they are on hit and block (near the bottom of the attack data slot). Since Tusk has significant start up on his moves, you need to use his other normals to close the gab quicker (jab into shoulder tackle special move).

Your shoulder tackle special move has projectile invincible on the upper body as Tusk ducks down. To see this in action, turn on the hit boxes in the practice mode and record Mira using her projectile bats. Practice using different strengths to gauge the distance of how far Tusk moves to get to Mira and if he can go under the bats. Once Mira gets hit, her bats go away, so keep this in mind.

Welcome to KI. There’s lots of good advice in here already so I won’t be able to add too much. Tusk has big sweeping moves that are great to hit the opponent, but leave him vulnerable during start up and afterward. So you want to be unpredictable in what you do. Don’t settle into a button mashing rhythm or the other guy will start anticipating your moves and countering them. This is true for every character in every game, but because Tusk is generally so punishable it’s especially true for him.

Sadira: c.HP can work, but you can also wait until she bounces off you with a blocked fierce Widow’s Bite (the one where she hits you with the webbed dagger and then pulls herself in to kick you) and then hit s. HP to punish. Tusk can block some stuff and play a little defensive because his big damage means he doesn’t have to hit the opponent as much as they hit him. This is certainly true with Sadira.

Shadow Jago: One key for Shago is that you don’t need to block these moves high. So remember to stay blocking low as much as you can. @Finchomatic is right that the c.HP works better most of the time to anti-air Shago. This is another match where Shago does much less damage than Tusk, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

When it comes to Sadira’s air web shots, you can block the projectile and deflect her if she tries to use a follow up:

HP Web: She’ll zipline to you and flip kick off if you blocked it. She’s wide open for a crouching HP or DP or basically anything you want here. You can even Shadow Counter the zip kick if you want.
MP Web: She’ll always jump forwards after throwing this, as it’s part of the move. She cannot double jump during this. Generally they go for a falling attack at this point, usually attempt a crossup. You can deflect her with cr.HP or cr.MP if you’re feeling confident in your deflect timing.
LP Web: She throws it quickly and then lands. She cannot act again in the air after it is thrown and must land. If you blocked it, congrats and prepare for a ground mixup, or DP her with Light Conqueror if you think she’ll press a button.

My best advice is don’t give up! I did the same thing and got WRECKED when I bought the PC version a few months ago. I’m nearing Killer rank and only have a bit of time to play during the week. I still get wrecked sometimes.

Exhibition is a good place to start as the stakes aren’t so high and you might come across someone willing to coach you over the mic. That’s what happened to me. In fact, you might meet some cool people here from the forum. One of these days, I’ll fight @GalacticGeek again.

OK, so some new stuff that’s been really, really frustrating me.

Rash - is he just totally free? He does his stupid tongue thing, comes cross screen then seems like he’s always plus on block and can just keep with the block strings. Also his cross up splits always lands right above me and doesn’t feel like I can anti air it in time

Shago - his slide, is there anything that can punish it on block? I swear all Shagos can just walk in for free with that


Grabs can always punish a non surged slide.

It may not seem like it, but everything Rash does is negative on block besides one or two close normals that no Rash uses. You can always try to compete with a jab and unless he does shadow boot he won’t hit you first. The tongue is hard to react to but it is punishable if you have good reactions. If you’re having trouble anti-airing him with down+HP, try Conquerer (uppercut) instead.

Shadow Jago’s slide is punishable by a light jab.

Welcome to KI, I hope you’re enjoying the game.

I’ve been maining Tusk since he was released, I’m not pro by any means, but I like to think I’m half decent at least jaja. First of all, you need to understand Tusk’s game plan; he doesn’t have any difficult to react mix ups outside instinct (and even then you won’t be able to get more than one or two full combos per instinct), and he also doesn’t have any crazy gimmicks to open your opponents up, so your damage is going to come mostly through solid fundamentals, punishing unsafe stuff, baiting throws, mid range pressure, good anti airs and good use of your deflection windows. In a way, playing Tusk is like playing some traditional street fighter instead of killer instinct, so be patient and don’t panic if your opponents get an early life lead, sometimes one or two mistakes from them its all you’re gonna need to win, since Tusk has one of the best damage outputs in the game.

About the MU you asked for:

Sadira: As already mentioned, trying to keep her grounded is key, which is easier said than done. cr HP is really good against her left to right mix ups (sometimes even they don’t know which side they’re gonna hit you jaja). Also use your DPs and st HP depending on how they jump. Once you knock her down, keep up the pressure with short combos, using your hard knockdown and stagger ender, Sadira doesn’t have any truly invincible moves (her shadow backflip is only upper body invincible and needs meter of course), so be ready to use meaty cr MK, grabs and neutral jumps on her wakeup. She doesn’t have any grounded overheads either, which means you should always use crouching guard while she’s on the ground.

Sabrewulf: His damage and mix ups are not as scary as they used to be, but he is still viable, specially with the buffs he recently got. However, he needs to get in to do any meaningful damage, so keep him away with your best pokes; st MK, st HK, cr mK, cr MP and sometimes st MP. Once you land a couple of combos, be sure to use your hard knockdown and stagger enders as well and keep up the pressure. Be wary of wulf resources though, he has access to an invincible uppercut if he has meter.

Shadow Jago: Resource management is key for shago players, they have to choose to either use his meter to make his offensive safe by using surge, or to do any meaningful damage, so pay attention at how they play and react accordingly. If they use meter to damage, that basically means every opener is going to be VERY unsafe on block, you can punish his dive kick with st MK or st HK and follow up with any combo of your choice. His slide kick can be punished with a grab, which leads to a hard knockdown, giving you a free setup. If they use meter for surge, then all you need to do is to wait until they run out of resources and start your attack, even if that means eating a couple of combos, since the damage is gonna be low anyway. If they try to zone you with fireballs, you can punish them with collateral damage or a good jump in with MP. Remember, Shago has an invincible uppercut, so don’t jump like crazy or keep pressing buttons on his wake up, sometimes bating an uppercut is better than pressing any buttons, the risk is very low (you only lose some momentum) and the reward can be very high (a full punish).

Orchid: Pretty much like wulf, she needs to get in to do any damage, so use your pokes properly. As already mentioned, her slide is punishable with crouching jabs or with throws, with the exception of the shadow version. Her low and overhead rekkas are also punishable, so be ready to block or shadow counter accordingly. However, unlike wulf, she does have a proper, fully invincible DP that doesn’t require any meter, so you have to respect that and punish it on block/whiff.

Mira: She has relatively poor anti air options, and Tusk’s j MP has fantastic range and you can combo out of it. If you time your attacks correctly, you will hit her while she’s still on recovery, and you won’t have to worry about the bats, since they go away on hit. You can also try yo use inmortal spirit to try do down profile her projectiles, but use it sparingly, because you may get punished if she hits you with her slide. In this specific battle it is better to save your meter for shadow counters, since her mixups are almost impossible tor react. Also, try to not use your slower normals very often, she can teleport and punish you.

Rash: When he’s in the air, use the same tactics that I mentioned in the Sadira MU. Additionally, You can deflect his wrecking ball on reaction using st HP if he uses it from full screen, so go to the lab practice it. Last but not least, a lot his stuff is actually punishable with grabs or jabs, so be ready to react and punish.

General RAAM is a good character to use to punish Orchid’s Slide Opener/Linker. However she can follow up quite easily and quickly, which would make it hard for a RAAM player to react to.