New player here - i want to be part of the KI community while im playing it, and im sharing my boring little story about it! And a few small questions


I started to play KI 3 days ago. I was astonished how good the game is… played Mortal Kombat X 1 month ago, and KI is a better game overall in my opinion.
In the first 2 days i used combo assisst, but then i read in other topics, one should just turn it off, and learn the game without it, and have more control over the characters in the future. So yeah, today i forced through the first 18 DOJO missions without combo assists. I have mixed feelings about it, in my first 2 days of playing i was godlike with easy to pull of combos and huge damage, but now im having a hard time pulling of something decent in real matches against the AI. Of course, every fighting game is hard to begin with, the first few days is goofying around, so i will be patient with it.
When i first saw the characters, my jaw dropped. I usually have no problems with characters in fighting games, but Killer Instinct is a new high point in this genre for me. Then i heard the music, its so good, im listening a few on Youtube all day (especially Omen’s theme). Its a love at first sight. Game feels and looks unique! And the combo system (with or without assist) is totally new, fresh! LOVE IT! Im still horrible at the game, but i dont really care, i just started today without assists.

I have a few small questions.

  • Should i just read the characters stories in the main page? Or thats a spoiler because thats the stories we will get by playing the game?
  • Im pretty confused whats Killer Instinct is about. There is no background story in the game, or am i missing something?
  • The learning curve is high? Honestly, i feel its really hard, and people needs lot of practice to be at least half decent in Killer Instinct.

Thank you!


Yeah, you can totally read those stories because you can get details that aren’t in the main game’s single player modes.

The Shadow Lords mode is basically the new story mode. Essentially, Gargos is coming to Earth but before he does that, he sends Omen. Then there’s a couple more factions: the “Good guys” like Maya, Jago, Orchid who just want to save the Earth from evil. Then there’s Ultratech (Fulgore, ARIA, Riptor) who don’t think mankind is capable of fighting this evil on their own so they’re kind of a good guy/ bad guy mix because they also want to defeat Gargos.

It can be overwhelming at first. My advice is to start off with one of the “basic” characters like Jago, Sabrewulf or Orchid. Then, work on basic combos in Practice mode (opener > auto double > ender). Then, try making longer combos (opener > auto double > linker > auto double > ender). Once you get the basic combo system down, you can go from there. There are other factors in the game too, like combo breakers, shadow counters, instinct mode but you need a good foundation first. If you’re struggling, there are tons of content on YouTube about KI. You can watch someone stream ranked matches to get a feel for mid-high level play.


Thank you for the answers! Im definetly gonna check out every character’s backstory before i trying them. :slight_smile: Shadow Lords looks cool but i dont think i have the skill to do it right know. I just finished Jago’s story mode on hard! I didnt died at all. It was not easy, lost a lot of combos because of button smashing, but thats how it goes for a new player.

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Take your time, man. You’ll get there. Once you master the combo system, you’ll feel very satisfied. I started playing KI in August 2017 and I’m already a killer nowadays. It’s not as difficult as you may think. Good luck!


Welcome! You have DEFINITELY come to the right place! You will learn a lot here if you stick around and try to come to the forums daily. UNfortunatley the forums has really died down as the game has gotten older but there are still a lot of members here that can help you with anything you need.

There are also CHaracter Bios here on the forums that can help with your Lore curiosities. Plus you can look up fan made videos on youtube like "The history of KI, or Ki story line, ect… there is surely to be something out there if you look.

also try Infills guide to KI…there are CHaracter Bios on that site as well as all the info you need to to be the best ar KI.

My best recommendation is do not practice against the AI if you want to become a competitive play online or in tournaments. Practice in the Shadow lab (which may not be working properly right now, Im not sure) or just take your beating in Exhibition or Ranked to build up your nerve and skills.
Go to the GGS / Good games thread here to find people to play against and teach you what you need to know.
What character are you playing most or drawn to so far? I play Omen mainly and then Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and others. But Omen is my favorite as I seen you really like his theme song.


Thank you for the tips! Im interested in the single player modes too, so im definetly gonna play againt the AI. Honestly, i dont want to be full competitive and i have no interest in tournaments, i just want to be “Good”. nothing more, nothing less. Of course, later im gonna try online fights too. EDIT: Played against humans, it was depressive. I was wrecked, teabagged, laughed by the microphone, even low level players almost killed me perfectly (i guess its combo assist), not gonna touch online for a few weeks thats for sure.

Only played as Jago, but i have a lot of other interests too like Orchid, Omen, Hisako, Sadira, Shin Hisako, Rash, Mira, and maybe Glacious and Spinal. These are the characters i like the most. :smiley: (i never loved so many character in a fighting game). I tried Omen for a few rounds but it was hard to control, i guess some practice will be nice in the future. Finished Sabrewulf story (all 3 endings) and it was not bad, but definetly not a main character for my taste. Kind of loved how crazy he was with the shaking…

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Thank you! I need to take my time with the game, thats 100%. I wanted to do a trial which was to play online, and i was WRECKED. Played 7 online matches against different opponents, all 7 killed me in a minute without any effort. I was totally shocked how bad i am. Even a new player killed me with a “flawless victory” or what (when you have the green health bar at the end of the matchg). Today im gonna skip playing, it was so ■■■■ depressing.

Don’t feel disencourage, man. I went through the same thing. A lot of frustration at first, but then I begun to get the hang of it. Keep trying and you’ll get there. Leave online matches for later. Focus on getting better. If you need help, we’re here for you.


Thanks man, i really appreciate it. I was discouraged but you are right, i should just leave online in the first 2-3 weeks. I didnt even traind or played against the AI today… maybe later im gonna continue to have fun with KI!

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Sorry about that… online players are jerks, toxic a holes…that ■■■■■■ me off that happened to you. Was it in Exhibition or Ranked? When they do that they dont understand it drives players away…and with no players = no new KI.


Thats true, but i think the state of KI 2 is depends on the previous success of the last 5 years, at least i guess. I appreciate your empathy, it really felt sh’t! But now im more relaxed, still avoiding online a bit tho. I played in the shadowlab, its incredible amount of fun! Its sad i can only do 2 shadows. I trying to finish the story missions too, but some of the characters are not really great in my hands, or i just dont care about them so sometimes its a little tedious to do.


Welcome to KI, and glad you’re enjoying it thus far! Sorry your experience online wasn’t great - as Seraphs said, people can be jerks sometimes. I’d recommend sticking with the Shadow Lab for the most part as you learn the ropes; it really is one of the best methods I’ve ever seen in a fighting game for learning how to fight actual people as opposed to the computer (which can teach you bad habits).

Hope you continue to enjoy your time with the game and your stay in the forums. Please feel free to ask away if you’ve got any questions about anything :slight_smile:


Hi, welcome,

You picked up arguably one of the best fighting games right before the wave of new releases in 2017 and 2018. Even now, ppl recognize how great the game is, especially the online experience.

If you feel depressed from playing online then avoid it. The game is a lot of fun without ever playing ladder/ranked. Plenty of content in single player. As pointed out by others, try Shadow lab. You can search for players AI character. These characters fight in a more natural way than the CPU. So if you want to learn then use Shadow Lab, if you want to unlock stuff then play / grind single player modes. Playing online lobby with community members is so much more fun if ranked freaks you out.

Also, if you like unlocking stuff then this game has plenty of content to unlock. There is very little to buy in terms of alternate skins etc but grinding will get you lots of good accessories.

Lastly, the game is buggy. Devs have done a great job in cleaning up stuff over the past years but every now and then a bug occurs like an achievement will not unlock or multiplayer is temporarily unavailable. If that happens, stay calm. Our KI Saint James can be tagged as follows to get his attention @KRAKENJIMMY . Be nice because he’s nice. Enjoy!

Im glad im here in this community because everyone is really nice and helpful so far! Online was too early, without combo assist its suicide after 2 days of playing. :sweat_smile: Some people suggested to play online but i think they thought i want to be competitive, but honestly, im just enjoying the whole experience. Online is the endgame, when i can consistently kill the AI and destroy other shadows, i will try online again… i am slow and only can play 1-2 (maybe 3) hours per day, so thats a long term plan. There are times when im just checking out the costumization items, not even playing, lol. Im waiting for my Battery Pack for my controllers i ordered to beat my girlfriend! She likes a few characters too. Shadowlab is one of the most unique things i ever saw in a fighting game, period. No artificial input reading, matches feels like real fights against other players, its so great and fun!

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Thanks for the tips! I agree, this is the best fighting game i played since the PS2 era. Im not an achievement hunter so maybe thats no issue for me, but i will gladly tag KRAKENJIMMY if i experience any issues. :slight_smile:
Also: There are other costumization items in the Definitive Edition, or only the ones i can see at the cosumization tab?

I believe there are golden/terror skin packs. Also 3 ultimate packs. If I’m not mistaken, you can download them all for free.

Yes i have those, thank you!