New Player, Game is too fast!

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So I have played KI for about 8 hours and done the tutorial, played a bit of matches but a big problem for me even with combo assist on is that the combos are way too fast. I can’t react to my own combos in time and with 6 attack buttons, I easily get things mixed up. Do you know of any training that could make my hands and brain go faster or at least adapt to the speed of this game?

The only thing I can think of to recommend would be to simply go into Training Mode, I believe it’s Single Player>Master>Dojo, and simply perform combos until you start getting the hang of it.

With Combo Assist on, you don’t need to worry about motions, just buttons, until the Ender. So do an opener, and then simply focus on pressing buttons for a bit, and then Forward plus either Heavy Punch or Heavy Kick to perform an Ender.

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It’s just a matter of practice. You’ll get the hang of it. Just hit training mode for a while.

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Yeah, like these guys said, it’s just a matter of time and practice. Eventually you’ll be able to filter out the proverbial noise and your response should improve. The same applies to any fast-paced game. I had the same issue when I first started playing Beat Saber. When I first started playing, the hard difficulty was too much for me…

…now I can do this on Expert + mode:

*note: This is not me playing.


Well, the advice I can offer may be a bit different than others. I would recommend going into practice mode and practicing your button press timings and combos, and motion presses, but there’s more to it than that.

What I think may be your problem, based on what you’ve said in your original post, it seems like you are trying to visually confirm when to do all your inputs. If you’re watching your character, say Jago, and you do the laser sword move, and you wait till his 2nd second hitspark before you try to input your next move or button press, you are probably going about confirming your timings the wrong way. When it comes to combos, try not to react too much to what is going on or what animation is playing. If you just react to the moments being played, you are going to miss timings a lot.

I did that a lot when I first started playing KI (nearly 6 years ago, time flies), and learned I had a tough time with it. But I was also trying to play the game similarly to the other fighting game I had the most experience with, Street Fighter 4. In that game, the combos and move pacing is slower so it’s easier to visually confirm and time your button presses.

But with KI, the action is more frenetic, and so trying to base your inputs by whats happening on screen is very difficult. Instead, focus less on what animation is playing, and try to instead develop a sense of timing based on your inputs. Try to get a feel for how many milliseconds go by after you press the HP for the autodouble before you begin your laser sword input, and after that how many milliseconds go by for your next autodouble input.

After a while, you’ll notice combo timings and rely less on visual cues and more on those warning signs going off in your head about the inputs.

Do try and use practice mode though, this is a no pressure environment where you are free to pummel a dummy and learn your timings with ease. Try to get a feeling for timing relying less on visuals and more on the intuition you develop. That will help you immensely and will reduce your “mental stack” when you start playing against computer opponents or other players.


If you’re finding yourself getting lost within your own combos, then I tend to think it probably means you’re using too many lights. If your combos feel fast and “messy”, then I’d recommend focusing on using medium and heavy autodoubles and linkers. Those are much slower, and should generally give you lots of time to “see” where you are in your combos. Use only mediums and heavies until you get used to the feel and knowing what you’re doing at all times, and then as you get comfortable with that start adding back in the lights.

Hope that helps!