New player for you guys to beat up on :-)

Hey all feel free to add me. I’m just now getting into this game. No idea why I waited so long but here we are.

Feel free to add me for friendly matches. I’ve already ran across a few trolls online which is a real bummer so I hope as I rank up and get up there with the better players that the community is better.


Welcome to the forums

Trolls are in every online game. Keep your chin up, there are some good folks out there. Try shadow mode and the dojo when you get frustrated it’ll still help you get better but will avoid the trolls. Good luck.

Thanks DeathBlooms! I will definitely keep that in mind. The cool thing is the 3rd time fighting that troll I beat him. Was some kid who has better execution from playing the game more than I have but fighting game knowledge was limited as he started every single combo with a heavy so I broke 70% of his junk that 3rd fight.

Super fun game!

Welcome to Killer Instinct! Plenty of people here on the forums who’d be willing to spar, so don’t be afraid to add new friends (Gamertags are typically the same as our forum names) and get some matches going. :smiley:

Where are you from? It’s not impossible to play across continents, but it’s hardly ideal.

Anytime, man, anytime. Though if you fight me, prepare for fiery or icy hell :slightly_smiling:

EDIT: The h-word is censored wow LOL

Welcome. Ill play a few rounds with you anytime if you wanna add me. Now im not good by any means even though ive been playing this over a year now lol but we can just beat up on each other if you want.

One way or the other, you WILL learn from me… :smiling_imp:

welcome aboard, feel free to add me, I am always up for practice!

If you want to learn Fulgore stuff,I am here. Welcome to KI and the forums. If you need anything here,just ask. The community is friendly.

The community is OVERTLY friendly. :wink:

So far I’m enjoying glacius. I just wish my fight stick had a mic port as I have no kinect. Such a bummer. I started messing with that shadow stuff tonight. That’s a super cool system.

Welcome to the KI community :slightly_smiling:

I’m one of the best Glacius mains in the forums, so if you ever need any tips let me know. You could also check the Glacius character page and I’ve got a strategy video there.

Glacius! He’s just an oversized ice cube… Wanna really enjoy KI… use Sadira. :smiley: Not saying that I’m partial or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate… Welcome to KI. Don’t worry… If Galactic is too hard on ya, I’ll keep him in line. :smiley:

If you ever need sparring with a Jago player let me know, I’ll shoot you an add so look for me in your followers list.

Also, don’t ever succumb to full double ultras into a flurry of teabags. Otherwise, we will always be good.

…and yet I beat your shadow nearly every time. :wink:

What, you want a medal? XD It’s not like I expected my shadow to get noticed by many players.

He is only a shadow of my true power :slightly_smiling:

…and due to how the game can’t seem to load other shadows in shadow survival (or much of anything really - it takes forever), it’s almost always the one I’m fighting (1 out of every 5 matches or less, it would seem).