New PC player, Character Recommendation

Hey guys, I just started playing KI on the PC. The port runs very well and I love this game.

I wanted to ask you guys if you could recommend me one or 2 characters to buy.

I’ve played a lot of SFIV, mainly using Cody and Cammy.

I enjoy characters that are mobile and put a lot of pressure (Cammy) and the ones that can stand their ground and are deadly up close and personal (Cody)

I appreciate all recomendations,


Welcome to Killer Instinct! I’m glad you are having a blast with the game.

Characters that are good at pressure are Saberwulf (Rushdown), Jago (Balanced), Orchid and Shadow Jago to name a few.

Up close meaning it’s deadly to be next to them? Thunder, Aganos, Tusk, and TJ Combo are some good ones too. :slight_smile:

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I would add Kim Wu

Oh yeah, Lol. I’m actually learning to play as her too.

If you like pressure Sabrewulf is definitely your guy. Also Cody’s play style reminds me of TJ combo so check him out as well.


Thank you guys for your comments are insights.

After watching trailers and tutorials I decided to treat myself with TJ Combo and DogFella (Sabrewulf), cause I only have 10 dollars now XD.

Then I’ll go Kim Wu, Aganos and Hisako (Cause she looks super cool)

I appreciate the help


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Thank you for the good welcoming and information :smiley:

No problem! Be sure to check out this thread too:

There are people willing to help train you in certain characters, Myself included with Jago & TJ Combo.

Good luck, and FIGHT ON! :smile: