New/Old Sadira tech

I was watching @UAKALYPSO play Sadira on Youtube a few weeks ago and so an interesting piece of tech. During one match, upon activating instinct he was actual able to get her to jump cancel manuals just like in S1. When S2 came out IG changed the jump cancel manuals to jump cancel auto doubles. This made them easier to break.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the lab trying to figure out what allows her to JC manuals once more and I found a few methods.

If you start a combo with a jump cancelled normal attack such as a standing heavy kick or punch, the following attacks will be manuals. The problem is it is VERY hard to open attack with an already jump cancelled normal. Most of the time you can only do this when an opponent is falling.

Late tonight though, I had a break through on this. :smiley:

During Instinct, if Sadira starts an attack with a crouching normal (any normal), if you Jump Cancel from the crouched position, all following attacks will be manuals. Once your in a manual phase you can rapidly switch between heavy, light, mediums, creating a string of incredibly difficult combos. Granted while you can still JC a Shadow Widow’s Bite, the timing is stupid strict, but my goodness this stuff looks insane. During lab testing, I was able to get up to 81% damage. In a live match, I did manage to take 63% off a multi-star Thunder player. While he eventually won the entire set. When we faced again, he quit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a vid of me toying around with a Jagoling…

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Actually the way to do the old s1/s2 instinct manual combos is just to jump cancel any normal to start a combo (I usually start with an empty jump low) it doesn’t have to be any specific normal in instinct as long as it doesn’t launch you. However, if you aren’t in instinct the only move you can jump cancel out of (on hit) is a manual light kick.

Ex. Combo no instinct: combo into manual light kick >hold up and press whatever button while in hit stun and Sadira will do a double manual.

Ex. Combo with instinct: medium kick wiff punish> hold up while in hitstun and mash normals

New(ish) tech: If you do a tiger knee blade demon that’s any strength after a light kick it will only hit once meaning your opponent will have to guess the strength after the light kick. You can also do any strength of recluse but the only two that would allow you to get a combo without instinct is light and medium recluse.

So essentially you should use blade demon to bait lockouts.

Have fun labbing!

Hit me up on twitter at @uakalypso if you have any additional questions and check my Sadira tutorials/sets on my YouTube and twitch to learn more about your favorite spider-girl

Love you all


Thanks for the response! Actually I already follow you on Twitter and subscribe to your YouTube channel. :slight_smile: