New Multiplayer Mode Speculation

The awesome launch trailer mentioned a new multiplayer mode in July! What sort of thing are you guys hoping for?

I personally would love a tournament mode but I’d be happily surprised with something more unique

I’d be ok with a tournament mode. Seems like it would make online tournaments easier to run if that feature was enabled.

I think it will be multiplayer fights that are influenced by the stuff you have unlocked in Shadow Lords. Maybe something like Kustom Kombat in MKX.

That was my thinking but it’s probably going to be a bit more than that cause I guess they won’t get people hyped for a mystery multiplayer mode just to reveal tournaments. But I don’t know maybe, like I say I would love it.

Yeah I agree with that. And it is something that is connected with the Shadow Lords Mode. If it’s a team based SP experience then the new MP aspect is being able to play Shadow Lords with friends? That would be kind of lame imo.

My guess is either some kind of tournament mode or perhaps tag team.

They said it’s connected to Shadow Lords so I doubt it’ll be a tournament mode. Probaby maybe factions type mode?

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Please be some Ranked or Shadow Lab rework

I would love to fight for team ultratech!