New mode suggestion: Arcade Instinct mode

A ladder mode where you fight CPU characters who have their instinct activated throughout the entire fight. So, they don’t lose their instinct and start each round with instinct activated.

On normal difficulty: your character also has infinite instinct activated throughout each round/fight.

On Hard difficulty: your character has to build instinct meter and use instinct meter normally.

On Killer difficulty: instinct is disabled for your character. So no instinct for you going through the ladder.

Reward on normal: unlocks hard
Reward hard: new title and unlocks killer
Reward killer: new taunt

Any thoughts?


I like that! Kind of like MKX ans all of the Customized modes you can do. I like playing some of those… I wish KI had every mode MK has…just to try it out.

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Sucks if you face off against Orchid and/or Sadira.


Exactly lol

Infinite firecats? you’re going down
Infinite Web Capture? forget it lol!!!

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Great if you’re playing as Orchid and/or Sadira.

Off topic, Sadira’s instinct is definitely one that I hope they tweak/ditch or do something about.


I have this sneaky suspicion that she’s one of the characters being reworked (just my thought). She was supposed to be an aerial character who isn’t really an aerial character anymore (you would think she’d be more like Cinder, able to combo and recap in the air).

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Yeah, I hope so. Used to be my main…

and people who can not beat on killer diff never get the new taunt or what?

Maybe have taunts be unlockable in normal instead of Killer.

They’re just suggestions, the point is that it would be nice to get non-XP rewards in single player modes just like Story mode.

thats good, but all unlocks should be available for all player killer and casual.
it would be awesome to have different taunts. i like that.

It’d also be awesome to have different outfits and hair options.

lol just need to be smart about it…sabrewulfs rxtra damage…and his feral cancels would cause so much damage and crossups…geez id be scared…dont even ge me started on aganos

This mode would need some thought to make it work, because also Glacius’ uninteresting instinct wouldn’t make it an interesting match…unlimited armor. It would have to be only certain characters that appear in the ladder…

well they did say they were gonna work on glacius for season 3

Even though this mode would be extremely challenging and unfair… it would be way better than INVASION BOSS!!! LOL

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I would like to see an actual Arcade mode, where you fight about 10 or so fighters, then Fulgore or another as a a first boss, & then a final boss. I know pre-season 2 it was being tossed around that KI was going to have a proper final boss in Aria, & that story mode was in essence going to be the “final boss”…only that she wasn’t. Sure she’s Ultratech’s boss, but not the game’s…just another fighter.

Also I’d kinda like to see some variety in survival mode…like for instance maybe have a retro theme, where all characters are using their retro costumes…or maybe a custom mode where you pick a custom slot & all the characters pull their accessories from that slot.

Awesome! And maybe they can all fight with the unlockable classic still image stages (ultras will be locked into only ultra Enders )


I’m not sure if a copying of another game is a good idea…

Sounds cool! You’re GENIUS!

Post there. A proper Arcade mode for Season 2/3 Characters