New main?

Anyone else feel like making him their main

I’ve been planning on maining him since season one and they promised to give him his own moves, I’m going to play him non-shop until I get my hands on Eyedol.

To be honest, he isn’t my kind of character. He’s very technical and juggle heavy. Much like Sadira and Cinder.

He has some awesome mixups like Riptor and Sabrewulf.

He seems to have a skill gap that punishes mashers with the surge feature does anyone know how much meter is required to do his ultimate

No meter, just Supreme Victory aka win with first life bar.

Lol yeah I could see people doing that

I am, but purely because he is what I would have liked Omen to be. But the voice does it for me. The power really resonates. Cool to look at, and perhaps, play with (I played barely 5 minutes).

I will be maining Shago for the cool factor. I love the teleport dashes and attacks. The Instinct Shun Goku Satsu is awesome and honestly the only reason I activate instinct. He’s the shadow jago i want to play! Shame theres no accesories though.

He my 100% main! Good bye to Tj Combo and Spinal…

Omen and Shadow Jago are my Main team. Its always been the plan since I got KI last December.
Omen being the only option when he dropped in Febuary and tlaks of Sahgo eventually being released.

Now here we are!

But I still play Aria a lot lately and at one time main TJ and Fulgore. I guess you could say those are my top 5 that I rotate through.

Originally I mained sadira I played a little TJ just never got good with him aria was just a character for fun but shago is definitely next to sadira for me

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I don’t think I’ll ever find myself dropping Hisako… but I’m going to spend time with him in the coming weeks and see if he replaces Sabrewulf as my pocket character or not. I like these risky/heavily committed character archetypes, so there’s definitely potential.

I feel the same way Marble! LOL Wanting something more, but content with the current one now. Even though I said I might drop Jago for Shadow Jago, after playing Shadow Jago a lot, I’ve come to realize: while I LOVE his gameplay and options, It’s not a character that I will buckle down and learn everything I can with, like Your Hisako, and my Jago/TJ. However, that being said, S3 is right around the corner, so who knows?

There might be an undead character with no moral values what so ever that has one of the most Epic & Flashy weapons ever made:

The Bo-Staff.

I want it so bad…


I’m trying to balance Shago and Aria, it’s just annoying that Shago’s forward moving kick move is quarter circle back kick whereas Aria’s forward moving kick move is quarter circle forward kick.

Your Shago is very good however! We fought a bunch on Ranked, If I recall, so It doesn’t seem to be a hindrance.

It’s more of a minor annoyance that leads to a missed confirm here and there than a hindrance. On another note though, can we please give Shago different doubles than Jago?? Holy cow I’ve never been broken so much in my life! IDK how Jago players survive having the most recognizable doubles in the game.

Cough Counter Breakers Cough

Cough Manuals Cough :laughing:

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