New Killer Instinct Season 3 Logo?

Looks like they made the New KI S3 Logo with more details: (Lights and shadows for example)



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And it breaks apart upon pressing start! Awesome

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I wish they released the video where Rash kicks through the KI logo from Gamescom.


In S2 Forum, I remember that some people was saying that the flames effects when you press start in Season 1 was more hype than the “glitch effect” of the Season 2

I think that they wanted to bring back this hype with that explosion that breaks the logo when you press start! :slightly_smiling:

Something tells me that might have been just a slight placeholder Explosion. Who knows? The Whole Menu screen was just a placeholder too. But I love that they added more explosions.

So excited!


For some weird reason it reminds me of claymation but I LOVE IT! The purple is really nice and the logo’s animation with the sparks and everything is too cool!