New-ish to Arbiter any good tech videos or players to watch?

See topic. Really fun character. I love how his grenade shuts down the YOLO-ness of this game. It sucks that he can’t do anything on wakeup and he seemingly can’t do anything from Jab if they’re on the ground but otherwise I really like this character.

I would watch F3 Hollywood Sleep. He has a great Arbiter and does well with him.

I believe our very own @KevBones10 has a good Arbiter too?


Indeed, you could watch Sleep and even BM Dactyl from Chile who won with Arbiter an important tournamet there:
3:19.28 (last matches and Grand Finals)

Or you can ask to Kevbones to play, he has a nice Arby =)


My good friend @RGLOfficial plays a great Arby too.

You’re gonna make me blush Geek!

This is one of the only videos of my somewhat ok Arby. Once again gotta give a GG to @SightlessKombat this game was so hype!

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Parry and troll face are awesome! XD


I think we need to run this back. It’s been a while since you’ve faced my Fulgore and in that time, I’ve fought a fair few Arbiters and played a large amount of Arby myself (not that I’m that good but it might surprise you maybe).

I’ll see if I can post a match to balance this out to show my Arbiter play…
Here’s one, this was in ranked but this is the archive of the battle.

Here’s a video of an exhibition battle, but @lewisTheWizard certainly shows how much of a pain Kim Wu can be. This is not my best Arbiter play partly because I was having to fight my opponent and his jumping as well, which makes it doubly tricky.

If I find any other good ones (which I can think of a couple of off the top of my head), I’ll post those here as well.

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