New Guest Idea: Halo's Edward Buck

I’ve kind of thrown this idea around, and I suspect many would think the idea of a Spartan would be something that would eventually happen, so how about we get one with some personality? With Buck, as opposed to Chief or a blank slate Spartan, would likely be rather entertaining, plus with him being both a Spartan and an ODST you would have a character that could have a better variety of Spartan armor & marine outfit types for his regular & retro skins. Plus Nathan Fillion…how could you go wrong??

Move ideas: Using different Spartan Armor abilities from Reach,4,& 5 such as lockdown, holograms, jetpack, boosterpack, light shield. A Sniper rifle or spartan laser would be a good long range stagger or knockdown move, with a slow startup and recovery time.

I would definitely support Buck.

But in reality, I don’t care who the character is, if we got Nathan Fillion to voice act any character, I would throw my full support at it.


I’m a fan of Nathan Fillion, so…


Also…I don’t know if it would be possible to get him to record new lines, but IMHO I’d be fine with recycled lines from 3, ODST, Reach, or 5…He’s certainly done plenty on lines that they could easily lift 3 or 4 for an intro, outtro, and taunt, plus several grunts & such.

…& these are just the ones from Reach…

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I wouldnt mind a spartan if only for the Arbiter/spartan fights + I liked the spartan character in DOA so the idea of a spartan in a fighting game is perfectly fine for me. I believe the first halo wars showed the spartans in an awesome cgi close combat action scene anyways.

Also, huuuuuge Nathan Fillion fan (and still bitter about Firefly :disappointed_relieved:).

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I’d rather see Sgt. Johnson.

I understand the appeal, but how would that work? He hasn’t been in a Halo game since 3, and when was all he did for the most part is spew one-liners (albeit legendary ones) and die, & occasionally shoot a spartan laser. But mostly he just died.

IMHO Buck would be a better choice because he would fit both the Spartans and ODSTs/marines, so you would get a good representation of all the soldiers in Halo. Plus he’d still spit out a few classic one-liners. Maybe not the same ones Johnson would, but still…

Perhaps but I still feel like he’s more of an iconic character of the Halo franchise, on par with the Arbiter, Cortana and Chief. In Halo 1-3 Johnson probably had the most personality of any chracters in those games. He’d be awesome in-game smoking a cigar, spouting off one-liners and blasting people with UNSC weaponry. Give him the splazer and make it work like the Ion Blaster Iron man had in MvC2, little guy with a big boom stick.

Like for the clip of lines. :wink:

Also a fan of Nathan Fillion, the only thing apart from Multiplayer that got me excited for Halo 5.
Much as I would like to see Buck and if the option is available, I’d love for him to voice the Archer character they’ve suggested. He can definitely pull off a more comical Cinder vibe with that character. (ideally though, a Green Lantern voiced by Nathan Fillion would be the very first character for my S4, he’ll always be my first pick for Hal Jordan)