New "Godzilla vs Kong" Trailer Released

From what’s shown so far, it looks pretty cool imo. Supposedly there are rumors floating around that MechaGodzilla is in this.

What do you guys think?

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I’m hyped but I do seem to have some personal disappointment.

It seems to be a cop out to make Godzilla the villain. But maybe there’s a reason why he’s doing what he’s doing. Maybe it something else going on.

I hear theories but who knows what they could be.
Needless to say it has me concerned about the outcome.
I’ll still go see it because I like the monstersverse films.

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To be fair, Godzilla had started off as an antagonist. I mean, yeah, in the 2014 movies onwards he was kind of a hero, but arguably he makes more sense as a villain with Kong as the underdog. Besides, I can’t really see Kong being such an extreme threat that authorities would need to summon the infinitely more dangerous Godzilla. With this talk of there being a MechaGodzilla, maybe it’s an imposter Godzilla like the 74 film?
That, or that environmentalist group is doing something to ■■■■ him off/controlling him.

Same here. I hope it’s not like the other vs-type movies where it ends up as a stalemate - that’s really unsatisfying to me as a fan.

Same. Hopefully it’ll be good, if not great. One concern I have, though, is that the director, Adam Wingard, doesn’t exactly have a good track record when it comes to making movies. I won’t hold it against him (unless the movie REALLY sucks), but I am kind of worried that the movie could potentially be awful. I hope that’s not the case.

thank of the monsterverse as a separate time line from the original Toho films. in the toho films Godzilla often starts antagonistic. Its also possible that Mechagodzilla might be repsonsible. (If he gets in) this would be an interesting surprise sense Mechagodzilla hasn’t been the villain in over 40 years.

Considering that Kong won the last fight. I think its only fair that Godzilla should win.
Even the score.

But no matter the outcome Kong will still be cool in my eyes, and he will always have my respect.


Oh absolutely! As the father of the giant monster movie genre, if not its forerunner, Kong has nothing but respect from me as a fan. Without him along with “Beast of 20,000 Fathoms”, we’d never have Godzilla.

Indeed, I can respect that for sure. Granted it’d be nice if Godzilla could win just to call it even.

But I do hope they do team up. Now I know some folks don;t want a batman vs Superman, but I think folks did misunderstand one thing.

Batman vs Superman did bad because of how it was executed.

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True. I’ll give BVS one bit of praise - it was better than “Man of Steel”; at least with BVS I expected it to be stupid, just because with a lot of versus movies (outside of the Godzilla movies. Well, mostly.) tend to be pretty bad, if not awful.

Yes, though AvP was also decent. Though I think vs movies are usually done for fun rather then giving thought.

Plus the Godzilla vs movies technically happen with in there own universe.


True. I just wish that there’s a versus movie that is both intelligent and thoughtfully done rather than just another beat 'em up, though. Like, don’t get me wrong, it’s cool when two characters/franchises clash together in a crossover, but by the token, I don’t want to see them crossed over for just the fight. For a Kong/Godzilla movie, I would love to see not only the features that make them memorable, but also see how the themes that each character represents crosses over and twists or put on its head when exposed to the other. So, on one hand, you have Kong, who represents primordial passions, nature’s wrath, racism, colonialism, love and grandeur, while on the other end you have Godzilla, a being who represents nuclear proliferation, power, pain, war and death. How do you take those elements and shake them up or find some sort of intellectual middle ground?

Godzilla wasn;t just a representation of those things. He’s also what happens when you sue those nuclear weapons which damages the earth. Godzilla is nature punishing hummanity for their hubris.

In a way you can kind of see where Godzilla is comming from.

Oh yeah, definitely!

I’m curious to know if some of the classic kaiju such as Anguirus or Varan will make their way into the movie somehow. I’m also curious to know what Legendary intends to do with Kong after this, if at all. I mean, it would be kind of wasteful to kill off an icon like Kong when he had only appeared in “Kong: Skull Island”, wouldn’t it? What sort of movies would you want to see for either Kong or Godzilla, be it for this series or as a future movie project?

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so far lots of folks are saying that the monsterverse will likely continue some even point out some rumors of other kaiju villains appearing as well.

Though one director did say that if he got to make another monsterverse movie he would add gigan or Biolante

I heard about that one. I’m curious to know if their backgrounds would be retained if they were to appear in a future film, just because in the case of Biollante she had been genetically engineered from Godzilla’s cells and crossbred with a rose while Gigan was a cyborg from space.

I hope the Monsterverse isn’t just based on Godzilla and Kong, though. Don’t get me wrong, both are really cool and iconic characters, but by the same token, there are so many other fantastic creatures that Toho has and other possibilities that could be done with a cinematic universe based on giant monsters.

From what I understand Toho wants to continue the monsterverse though I’m not entirely sure. Although they pretty much focus on them sense they make the most money.

I know that Toho is doing a Godzilla anime series called “Godzilla: Singular Point”. I hope they do more Godzilla stuff, if not a sequel to “Shin Godzilla”.

They plan on doing so in the future.

Nice! :smiley:

Anyone seen “Godzilla vs Kong” or plan on seeing it?

At the time of this pos tI’m going to see it tonight with my necies and nephew

and then see it tomorrow with my buddy who is also a big Godzilla fan like me.
fun at this friend and I go way back. 2nd grade.


Here’s hoping it’s good, if not great! :slight_smile: