New "Godzilla Minus One" Movie Trailer

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I saw it, Godzilla looks really cool in this one.


I’m SUPER excited for this one! Can’t tell how much I’ve been waiting for TOHO to get another Godzilla film out since Shin Godzilla. Lil bro said this one reminds him of Ultima and honestly, it’s like a fusion bw Ultima and Legendary’s.

Indeed, he does. :smiley: I am admittedly curious what Toho intends on doing for this movie, though, just because it seems to be a sort of remake of the 1954 original, only it’s set earlier in post-war Japan, sometime around 1945(?).

Same here. I like the design, especially with the brownish coloring of the skin. I heard the design is taken from “Godzilla: The Ride”(?).

likely, Godzilla seems to be intending to be angry about his circumstances and is letting the world know.

Indeed. I’m curious to know just how Toho is going to top “Shin Godzilla”, just because that particular film is a fantastic update and remake of sorts to the original 1954 film. I hope it’s good, if not great.

I can’t help but be a bit reminded of the “Godzilla (2014)” Comic Con trailer where it had this really dark and sort of apocalyptic tone and atmosphere, sort of like the 1954 original.

I hope “Minus One” is able to succeed where the 2014 film sort of floundered. Not to say that movie was bad or anything - it’s not - but by the same token, the resulting film was slightly disappointing imo.

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The 2014 film did have some flaws.

To me it was not enough monster action and scenes were still abit too dark in lighting.

But the pay off was good and Godzilla KOTM really did a great job with the monster fights

That said 2014 is probably among the movies I would recommend someone watch if they wanted to get into Godzilla.

I think that’s the intent. This is the same Godzilla as the one in 1954 who was angry and now seeks to wreck the place.

One thing I did hear (though it doesn’t seem true now) was that Godzilla was gonna have another one of his species that was not affected by the radiation and is trying to get Godzilla to come home. But I guess they scrapped it sense being alone is part of what made Godzilla the tragic monster he is now.

I don’t know about not enough monster action. I thought the protagonist was boring compared to Bryan Cranston’s somewhat compelling character before he was killed off.

KOTM had some pretty cool monster fights. Probably the best version of Ghidorah that I can recall, although I think in many respects KOTM was actually a little worse than 2014.

Oh really? Huh. Interesting. I’m not opposed to there being another Godzilla - after all, that kind of had been alluded to in past Godzilla films, be it Minya, Baby/Little/Godzilla Jr. and Kiryu. But yeah, Godzilla being the lone survivor of his species is definitely one of the more tragic angles to his character.

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yeah but none of which has two fully adult Godzilla.

Not a clone made form space
Not a Mechanical Doppelganger

But like a completely different member of his species.

Not that the two mentioned are bad I was trying to make a point. Sense even SpaceGodzilla and Mechagodzilla are two of my favorites.

Same here. There’s actually a comic called “Godzilla Rivals: Vs SpaceGodzilla” that is actually quite good and worth checking out.

Just saw it. I don’t know if it’s the best Godzilla movie, but I have no issue whatsoever listing this as one of the best Godzilla movies ever made. Awesome movie, and highly recommended for anyone looking for a good kaiju movie to watch.